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#Hashtag #Blessed: 2 weeks worth of Social Media news in this week’s Smorgasbord! Sorry, got distracted playing around with Facebook and Twitter’s new
interactive videos.


VR-Style 360 Ads Launch

The first Virtual Reality 360 Ads launched on Facebook last week, a week after reporting an average of 8 billion video views on Facebook each day (up from 4 million views in April). Personally, these ads make me kind of nauseous with all the movement, but you can’t deny that being able to control a video and explore it on your own is pretty fun.


Facebook Notify

Facebook launched Notify for iOS, a new potential competitor with Twitter for real-time news. Notify pushes news notifications to iPhones in short blurbs, delivering more timely news than Facebook’s algorithm-based News Feed. One plus for Notify over Twitter is it pulls your page likes from Facebook to give you a recommendation of stations to follow. Currently, it doesn’t feature any ads and only works with a select 70 partners, but there’s talk about future possibilities for advertisers. 


Expanded Search

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to search for specific posts on an individual profile. It’s only been seen on personal pages so far, but brand functionality isn’t ruled out.


Facebook Live Subscribe

Facebook added a subscribe button to their Facebook Live feature, which will allow users to get notified when someone goes live. This is supposedly different from the notifications you get when a Facebook page you’ve liked is going live.



Like Facebook, Instagram launched a partner program to pair businesses with marketing firms. At launch, there are 40 partners divided into three categories: Ad Tech, Community Management, and Content Marketing. After initial runs, Instagram reports some businesses have seen a 64% higher ROI since teaming up with an Instagram Partner.


Goodbye ⭐️, Hello ❤️… and 💯🍻🙈?3

Soon, you might be able to 😤💯😴🎉 your way through Twitter. The social network began testing multi-emoji reactions on select accounts (sound familiar?). This comes after the controversial switch from ⭐️ (favorite) to ❤️ (like), which Twitter says has brought a 6% increase in activity after 1 week.


Twitter has a new toy for GIF lovers. ScratchReel lets you scrub back and forth on GIFs, letting you rewind and pause to your heart’s desire. Head to Twitter to play with this one for a minute or ninety and see for yourself.


Pins Get Reorganized

Pinterest added some new features to help Pinners stay organized on iPhones and Androids. Now boards can be sorted alphabetically and by most recent, pins are more easily searchable, and recent pins will be seen first. Plus, if you have enough pins in a board, you can find different topics you’ve pinned within the board and organize it that way, too.


Visual Search

Pinterest’s new visual search is huge (especially for fans of Google’s search by image tool, like myself). See a dining table that would look absolutely perfect under that microwavable popcorn chicken you’re planning to heat up for dinner? Find one that looks just like it by selecting that part of the image and get more granular details, even where to find it. For now, promoted pins will not appear in results for visual search.


Verified Snapchat

Be 100% confident the Biebs you Snapchat your deepest secrets to is in fact the real Biebs (and then crawl in a hole in embarrassment) with Snapchat’s new “Official Stories” feature. Celebrities (no brands, yet) are also now easier to find with Snapchat’s upgraded search. A special section in search results for “Official Stories,” plus random emojis next to celebrities’ usernames, are Snapchat’s new version of the blue verified check.


6 Billion Daily Video Views

Like Facebook, Snapchat also recently reached a video milestone. Since May, Snapchat video views have tripled to more than six billion videos a day. Keep in mind, though, Snapchat’s views are counted when someone watches even just a fraction of a second (Facebook counts a view as 3 seconds).



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