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Welcome to a roundup of all things social! This week, two social networks copied their competitors while Snapchat marched firmly down the path of quirky selfie lenses.


Instagram Releases Video-Only Content Feed

Instagram is exploding with content, and hashtags aren’t always the easiest way to sift through the myriad of visual memories. To make the discovery process easier, Instagram released a new, curated video stream over Halloween weekend.

Instagram video stream

The video stream has a cleaner, stripped down interface when compared to Instagram’s usual photo stream. Borders, text descriptions, and action buttons are removed to keep the experience as immersive as possible.

This effort to weed out event-based content and make it easier to find is a logical progression of Instagram’s search functionality. It is also noticeably similar to Twitter’s Moments and Snapchat’s Live Stories.


Twitter Gets A Heart, But No Love

Twitter’s “favorite” feature has long been a perfect way of saying, “I quietly and inconsequentially approve of your tweet.” But as of Tuesday, favorites have become likes and stars have morphed into hearts, making this half-enthused expression of interest…slightly different.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.00.18 PM

While the platform is clearly taking queues from Instagram and Facebook, which use hearts and likes respectively, Twitter claims the change is motivated by the greater universality of the “heart.”

The symbolic distinction is certainly profound, and people will likely get over their change-resistant ways in no time. But for those of you who just can’t even, there’s a Chrome extension for getting that star back on your Twitter feed.

Twitter Cashing In On Search

Now that tweets are showing up on SERPs, millions of non-Twitter users are finding their way to a “logged out” version of Twitter on a daily basis, consuming bites of content but avoiding the meat ads.

logged out Twitter

In order to further monetize the platform without relying on growing its user base, Twitter will now place advertisements on Twitter pages, such as the homepage or a Twitter user’s timeline, regardless of whether or not you have a login. Now Twitter will miss out on less revenue and you’ll miss out on less sponsored updates!


Peanuts Helps Snapchat Make More Cashew

Snapchat has been gradually updating and monetizing its app, and this Halloween weekend saw the first sponsored “lens” promoting the new Peanuts movie…called Peanuts Movie. The lens filled users’ snaps with candy corn, Snoopy, and Woodstock animations.

snapchat peanuts lens

This is likely the first of many sponsored lenses/filters/digital dance parties we will see on Snapchat.


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