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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. There are some interesting changes we want to catch you up on, so keep reading for the latest in social media news.



Facebook Lite

fb-lite-appIn an attempt to increase usage and reliability of Facebook in areas with poor connectivity and slow networks, Facebook has introduced a new Android app, Facebook Lite. Currently available in countries across Asia, and soon-to-be available in parts of Latin America, Africa, and Europe, Facebook Lite is a stripped-down app that uses less data and boils down to core Facebook features: status updates, photos, and notifications.


Maps in Messenger

You can now send your location on a map through Facebook Messenger. Previously only able to manually type an address, or leave the app and send a text, users now have the option to share locations of a meeting place, or their current location, visible on a map.


This is just the start of the Facebook Messenger app using location services and will likely incorporate the information in other ways in the future, perhaps incorporating services like Uber or Lyft.



Following Twitter Convos

Twitter made a few updates earlier this week to make following conversations on Twitter easier. On a Tweet’s page, reply tweets that are part of a conversation are connected with a line in order to make differentiating between these conversations easier. You can also select to ‘View other replies’ to see more responses to a tweet. This feature has been rolled out on twitter.com and will be coming to the mobile app soon.



Snapchat Passes Google+ In comScore Top 15

Data reported in comScore’s April 2015 Top 15 Apps report shows Snapchat passing Google+ from its spot in March of last year. This is the first time Snapchat has appeared in the top 15 ranking, which is based on installs, not engagement or frequency of usage. Snapchat is displayed with 20.5% reach, surpassing the 19.3% Google+ reached last year.


Also noteworthy is Instagram’s Reach increase from 33.8% to 35.9%, while remaining in the #9 spot.



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