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Let M help you find the perfect birthday gift for your BFF, and then keep the surprise party a surprise in an Instagram Direct group message.



Get Some Personal Assistance From Facebook Messenger

It’s Siri vs. Google Now vs. Cortana vs. M, Facebook’s new in-Messenger personal assistant. M is now being tested inside Facebook Messenger to help users complete real tasks, from finding the best spot for dinner, to actually making the dinner reservation. What makes M different from Siri and other digital assistants is that, at least for now, M is powered by real people. As the human assistants help people, they’re also teaching the technology to learn how to handle requests in the future.





Instagram Direct Messages + Visual Convos = “Snapstagram”?

As usual, Instagram is attempting to take over the world by adding visual conversations to its direct messaging feature, Direct.

Much like Snapchat, the new Direct lets users reply to direct messages with photos, videos, and special emojis instead of simple text comments. You also no longer need a photo or video to start a message, in case you do just want to send a simple text. If you have a special group of friends, give that chat a special name so you can easily reach out to everyone at once.

What I’m most excited about is the ability to share posts privately through Direct. No more @’ing all my friends on cool, stupid, or stupid cool pictures and getting replies lost amidst 1,000s of other comments. Maybe this will lead to less public cyber bullying? Doubt it.




Snap To Beat With Vine

Vine users can now add music directly from their phone to their vines, either using their phone’s music library or searching through the app’s “Feature Tracks” section. Vine also added Snap to Beat, a tool that makes it easy to add a perfectly looped song match to your video. Plus, if anyone’s wondering which T. Swift song you’re lip-syncing to, they can just tap the music icon rather than asking and bothering fledgling music artists like yourself.






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