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It looks like a few social media platforms want to get into the game with increased events integration for sports. Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope have all taken steps to enrich the sports fan’s user experience on their platforms.


Facebook introduced the Facebook Sports Stadium to its iOS app. Sports Stadium is a dedicated place to experience sporting events in real-time with your Facebook friends and the world.

Right now the feature has only been rolled out for iPhone users across the United States, specifically for American football games; just in time for the Superbowl. Eventually, Sports Stadium will support other countries and sports as well.


Currently, there is no dedicated tab for the Sports Stadium on the main screen of the Facebook app, in order to find it you have to search for a specific team and from their Page click on the football icon next to the description of the game.

In the Sports Stadium, all content on Facebook related to the game is housed in one spot, it appears in real time and is organized chronologically. The feed includes posts from your friends with their comments on plays, plus posts and commentary from experts such as teams, leagues, and journalists, as well as easy access to their Pages. Live scores, stats, and a play-by-play also provide additional context.


Meanwhile, Twitter has focused on adding more emojis to hashtags as well as featuring its Periscope integration in order to build a more immersive on-platform experience for fans.


For the Australian Open, Twitter added news emojis linked to tournament specific hashtags. On Periscope, hearts have been changed to tennis balls and rackets for Australian Open broadcasts and a special ‘Periscope racket’ was created in order to promote broadcasting on the platform.


A lot is going on with Periscope lately, not only is it now integrated directly into your Twitter feed but now it has announced a partnership with GoPro. The Periscope app will now support live streams from GoPro HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver cameras. As it stands, only the iOS version of the app supports connecting to GoPro footage. The update supports broadcasting and saving to the camera roll on iPhone 5S and later. While the iPhone 5 and 5c only support broadcasting. Given GoPro’s current user base, this partnership will surely lead to some eXtreme sports footage in real-time, and perhaps Periscope will see an uptick in fans of the X Games in their audience.



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