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Facebook is stepping up their ads game, integrating Messenger and counting Instagram video views. This week’s social media roundup explains it all. #SorryClarissa



Facebook Releasing Desktop And Carousel

Lead Ads were originally only available solely in mobile ad form, but no more. Last week Facebook released desktop lead ads, and carousel lead ads are expected to launch this week.

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The lead gen process is as easy as 1-2-3. After clicking the call-to-action button, a form pops up prompting the viewer to submit their information, all without leaving the app or page.

Since people are more likely to sign up for information they know they want, there is also a new way for businesses to give people more information about what they are signing up for before they submit their lead form.

A context card is an optional tile that pops up after someone clicks on the ad, but before they get to the form. This is a great place for businesses to offer further details about the information people will be signing up for. Context cards can help businesses ensure that the leads they receive are high-quality.


Facebook Prepares For Messenger Updates

It looks like Facebook Messenger is getting ready for a pretty big update that brings multiple account support and SMS integration.

Soon regular users will be able to share a device with Messenger installed and switch easily between user accounts. This feature is primarily directed at business use, given that those of us working in social media and communications have to work within multiple accounts simultaneously.

Facebook is also currently testing SMS integration on Messenger for Android users. This means that people can send messages through the Facebook Messenger app and the recipient can receive it as a text message if not connected to the Internet.  As you can see below, the texts and messages will be identified with purple text icons and blue message icons.

Image 2


New Facebook Video Ad Features

Over 100 million hours of video is watched daily on Facebook, and the value of a video ad, regardless of objective, happens quickly and increases with duration.

So in a world where viewers are taking control of what content they watch and for how long, it’s important to communicate your message quickly. The faster it’s conveyed and your viewer’s attention is captured, the better.

Image 4

In this Facebook video ad example, “Kleenex® brand used captions in their videos to help viewers jump quickly into the storyline and hook them to watch more.”

Facebook is releasing a couple of new features to help advertisers optimize their video ad campaigns:

  1. Automated Captions for Video Ads: Facebook found that when people aren’t expecting a feed-based mobile video to play out loud, 80% of people react to it negatively — toward both the platform and the advertiser. Turns out that captioned video ads increase video view time by 12%. With that in mind, Facebook will be releasing a tool to help make adding captions to a video easier. Instead of having to embed or upload captions, there will be an option to have them generated and added automatically.
  2. More Reporting and Buying Options for Video Ads: Facebook will be adding additional metrics to their reports in order to help advertisers better understand how people are engaging with their videos. Advertisers can now see the percentage of people who have viewed their videos with sound. Facebook ad delivery is also based on real people, unlike some other digital platforms. Finally, the 100% in-view buying option Facebook announced in September is now available globally thanks to Facebook’s integration with Moat. Though over 90% of ad impressions on Facebook are 100% in-view, Facebook added the 100% in-view buying option to give advertisers more control.




Instagram Video View Counter

Instagram has released a new view counter for videos, which will tell users exactly how many times their post has been watched. Instagram considers a video officially viewed if it plays for more than 3 seconds. The view counter replaces the previous ‘like’ metric just beneath the post, but likes can still be found by tapping on the view counter.

Image 5

This new feature will be helpful for brands trying to decipher how popular different types of videos are. According to Instagram, the amount of time its 400 million users spend watching video has jumped by 40% over the last six months.



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