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This week, watch Facebook continue down the path of video content (well, GIFs and musical slideshows) and get ready to see much more of Twitter – even if you’re not on Twitter.



Tweets – Now Appearing On Google Desktop Searches

Twitter’s not the only place to see live tweets anymore. In a playful announcement on – of course – Twitter, Google announced it would be displaying relevant tweets on its search engine result pages (SERPs). Google has been testing this on mobile devices since May but now the feature has expanded to desktop displays around the world.

Twitter on Google SERP

So far, Tweets are appearing on branded searches such as “Wpromote” or “eBay” (as long as the brands are active on Twitter). In some cases, Tweets appear based on non-branded but trending searches such as “WCW” on a Wednesday. However, non-branded searches like “Hawaii vacation deals” do not show Tweets on Google SERPs.


You’ve Got A Message!

More specifically, you’ve got a direct message.

Another way Twitter might be affecting your desktop experience is with direct message (DM) notifications. As long as you have Twitter open somewhere on your computer, you’ll see a popup notification for each new DM. You can read and reply to the message without leaving your current browser window.

Twitter desktop notification

You can go to twitter.com/messages to enable this feature. If you want to disable it later, do so in your Twitter settings.



Pages Get The Gift Of The Gif

Earlier this year, Facebook started allowing personal profiles to share GIFs. Now, Facebook is rolling this feature out to a select number of Pages. Wendy’s was one of the first to show off this eye-catching content.


If you’re one of the lucky Pages that can publish a GIF, remember to paste the link to a third-party source (Wendy’s used Tumblr, for example). GIFs uploaded directly into Facebook won’t display properly!


Facebook Moments Are In Motion

Facebook Moments is a relatively new development out of Facebook’s Creative Labs initiative, and it’s already got a big update. The photo-sharing app now lets users create “music videos” out of your shared moments.

Facebook moments

For example, if you share a moment consisting of six or more photos with a friend, you’ll be able to customize it with music and share it with the rest of your Facebook network. But before you start dreaming of Taylor Swift-enhanced moments, know that there is only a selection of 12 musical options.


That’s it for now, tune in next time!


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