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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. This week, Facebook and Pinterest have some interesting updates for their users.


Facebook Allows Brand Verified Pages To Stream Live Video

Keeping up with Periscope, Facebook has expanded their live streaming video capabilities to brands with verified Facebook pages. The live-streaming service launched back in August with limited availability to mostly celebrities and other public figures. Since then, Facebook has extended access to small groups, slowly testing the waters to open it up to brands.

Verified brand pages can stream live events from the iOS app by tapping “publish” and selecting “live video.” Publishers can see numbers of viewers, names of any verified people or Pages tuning in, and real-time comments while broadcasting. Like any video content on Facebook, the live-stream event will be published on the page’s timeline for later viewing.facebook-video-reel-ss-1920-800x450

Facebook Rolls Out Instant Articles For All Android Users

Facebook recently announced that its quick-loading Instant Articles are rolling out on its Android app in a blog post. After first testing the feature on iOS devices in May, Facebook moved onto tests with a small group of Android users before fully launching for Android.

Facebook is claiming that instant articles see more engagement, possibly to appease hesitant publishers of advertising with instant articles, since they keep the user on Facebook, causing a decline in website traffic to the publishers’ sites.


Pinterest Brings Price Drop Notifications To Buyable Pins

Many of Pinterest’s latest updates have been big moves to make the platform even more shopper-friendly. The latest? Pinterest will now notify users when there’s a price drop on Buyable Pins they’ve saved. These price drop notifications will appear via mobile app and/or in an email, depending on user preferences.

The price drop feature has been available for Rich Pins for quite some time, but will now be available for the one million+ buyable pins that show price drops daily, according to Pinterest. This move, along with their other updates, show Pinterest’s huge effort to become a leader in Ecommerce.


Pinterest To Open Promoted Pins For All US Businesses

Starting in January, self-service Pinterest ads will be available to the one million+ active businesses accounts on the platform, which means the waitlist waiting will soon be a thing of the past. One year after launching Promoted Pins, Pinterest’s first advertising offering, and a few short months after opening up access to more small and medium businesses, Pinterest will give full Promoted Pin access to all businesses!

Along with this update, Pinterest will now offer hands-on ad support for retail and consumer goods business, while other businesses can buy ads with the self-serve platform.


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