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Happy Friday and welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! Today we have a lot of exciting news regarding Twitter, so we are dedicating this whole post to Twitter updates.


Twitter Analytics Breakdown

 As most of you know, Twitter has expanded the analytics dashboard to include more key information. Here is a quick breakdown of the new analytics data that is now available to Twitter users:

  • Impressions: Before Twitter included impressions, users were under the impression (no pun intended) that all of their followers could see their tweet. Users understood that not everyone would be logged in during the post time, or often tweets get lost in the feed, but thanks to the new analytics, we can now get a real idea of how many people actually see each and every tweet. This new tool can be utilized to fully optimize a Twitter campaign like never before.
  • Engagement: Previously, engagement meant retweets, replies, and favorites. Now, Twitter includes data such as user profile clicks, URL clicks, and even hashtag clicks. All of these factors, plus a few others, give you a total number of engagement. Engagement data offers users insight on how followers are interacting with each tweet by identifying the actions they are taking.
  • Engagement Rate: Engagement rate essentially combines the two previous stats to give you a realistic engagement rate. Before, it was how many followers you had divided by how many retweets, replies, and favorites. Now, impressions are included (how many people actually saw your tweet) as well as engagement (how many people clicked anything from your tweet). This can be really useful to optimizing your entire Twitter strategy.


These are just the major statistics, but there are many others that are included in the new analytics dashboard and more importantly the exportable file for both organic and paid tweets. We want to know what you guys think of the analytics and which will be your favorite to use for your strategy. Send us a tweet (@wpromote) or leave a comment about what you think about the new analytics.


Twitter eCommerce

Twitter dropped another hint recently that they are adding eCommerce capabilities. Some Twitter users noticed a ‘Payment & Shipping’ tab on the Android mobile app that will potentially allow users to buy products directly on Twitter. Before that tab appeared, most companies had to direct users off Twitter and to their website in hopes that the users would make a purchase. Twitter isn’t the only one trying to add eCommerce capabilities: we noticed a few weeks back that Facebook has been testing a ‘Buy Now’ in ads to allow users to purchase directly from their platform.


Twitter Feed Changes

Twitter also seems to be testing a new feed feature that shows users tweets from followers of people they follow. That’s not as confusing as it sounds, I promise! For example: if you follow me, you may see tweets from people I follow (like Wpromote), even though you don’t follow them. We assume this Twitter feed feature will eventually turn into an ad unit, but for now, the feature seems to be organic. For most users the new feature will make their feed even more cluttered and probably upset some users. But Twitter has stockholders to please and is testing new opportunities to get advertisers onto their platform.




Viral Video Of The Week– Showdown

This week we couldn’t decide who was cuter so we decided to have a showdown between the Apparently Kid and the Katy Perry Crying Baby. They are both ridiculously cute in their own ways. Watch both of these viral videos and either leave a comment or send as Tweet (@Wpromote) to tell us your favorite.


Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to leave a comment about anything you’ve read today. Check back each Friday for a fresh batch of social media updates!


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