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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. We missed posting last week, but there are some really interesting changes and updates that happened this week, so let’s dive right in!


Facebook Punishes Click-Baiting

This week, Facebook announced that it would be making changes to help reduce the amount of posts considered to be click-bait, and also where links in posts are seen.

“Click-baiting” is when a publisher posts a link with text encouraging users to click to see more, without telling them too much information. These posts often get a lot of clicks, which helps them get shown to more people and more visibility in News Feeds.

To determine which posts are click-bait, Facebook will use the amount of time spent on a page as well as the ratio of clicks-to-engagement that the article is getting. This means, if your article is getting a lot of clicks but users are not spending much time on the site, returning to like, comment, or share it, the reach will decrease.

Sharing links in posts has become another issue ever since the addition of embedded link posts. Some publishers are adding links to their posts, but removing the link preview and adding a picture. Facebook has noticed that people prefer to click on links that are embedded rather than having to click on a link in a post.


This update will give priority to posts that are shown in the link-format, and decrease the amount of times a post with a link in the text appears in News Feeds. Will these new updates change your strategy?


Facebook Tells Mobile Users To “Get The Facts About Messenger”

If you use the Facebook app on your mobile device, you may have seen a notice a pop up, “Messenger: Myths vs. Facts, see how the app really works.” After clicking the Learn More button, an article by Messenger Team member Peter Martinazzi opens up.

The article immediately addresses the rumors surrounding the new Messenger app by explaining the real reasons the app asks for permission to access certain personal information.

The main controversy is centered around how the messenger app actually uses the mobile’s camera and microphone. Basically, if you want to take a picture in the app, or send a voice message, the app needs permission to utilize these functions. The article goes on to say that they will not turn on the camera or microphone when the app is not in use. Facebook insists the switch to the new Messenger app is being pushed due to it being faster, and having more versatility than the current app.


That is it. They aren’t listening to your phone calls to collect data, they are not trying to take pictures of your every movement to see where you’re at. They are simply giving you access to the functions included in the app. Have you downloaded the new app? Are you still too scared to use it? Leave us a comment or send us a tweet on how you feel about the new Messenger app!


A Few More Updates:


Third Party Tagging On Facebook – You can now tag a Facebook Page from a third-party platform. A feature that social media managers practically begged for in the past is now available (sort of), thanks to an API update. There are still some bugs to be worked out, but one company, PerfectPost, appears to be the first to utilize this new feature.



Targeting By Bandwidth – There are multiple options when it comes to targeting for Facebook ads, and believe it or not, that pool of options just got larger. You are now able to segment by connection speed. This new feature is intended to help marketers trying to reach customers in developing countries with slower connections.


Advertise Events In News Feeds – Facebook has recently added the ability to advertise events in the News Feed. Previously, you could only do this on the right-hand side. This could really change the game for events advertising. Facebook has also added insights for events, which will help with reporting for this new ad unit.



Pinterest Feed – The photo-sharing site has added a new feature to mobile that shows what your friends are up to. It’s pretty cool, it gives a snapshot of what people you follow are doing. Pinterest says it’s still in testing stages, and this new feature may not be available to everyone yet.



Twitter Analytics For Everyone – What was previously limited to twitter advertisers is now available to all users! If you’re interested in utilizing analytics for Twitter, now you can!  


Instagram Adds Tools For Advertisers – Instagram released tools to provide value to brands in three main areas: account insights, ad insights, and ad staging. These are currently only available to advertisers on Instagram and will be opened up to more people later this year.


Thanks for keeping up with a Smorgasbord of Social Media. Check back each week for a fresh batch of updates. Feel free to leave a comment or send us a tweet on any of the topics here today!


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