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Welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! We missed last week, so we have some important updates to catch up on. Let’s get right to it!




Huffington Boast

It seems as though a congratulations is in order for The Huffington Post. It turns out that the top-performing publisher on Facebook last month was Arianna Huffington and the rest of her Internet subscribers.

According to NewsWhip, The Huffington Post had the highest amount of shares and interactions in June. This means that they beat out the likes of CNN, ESPN, NBC, EliteDaily, and even our ever-so-loved provider of absurdly addicting online quizzes, BuzzFeed.


For those of us that are number-oriented, THP published 26,264 articles in June. To put this into perspective, the lowest number of articles published was 89 (playbuzz.com), and the highest number of articles published was 122,186 (Yahoo!). So it just comes to show that it truly is about quality and not quantity.



Germany destroyed the World Cup host country, Brazil, seven to one in their semi-final match.


Of course, there was a lot of civil unrest amongst the Brazilians and the Twitter-sphere became the showcase for the day of reckoning. When Toni Kroos scored, there were 497,425 tweets per minute (TPM). But this number rose to 508,601 TPM with Kroos’ second goal and reached 580,660 TPM with Sami Khedira’s goal.

In fact, this match was the most-tweeted about sporting event in the history of the 140-character limit.


Facebook Discrepancy

The leading social media platform recently filled the world in on a little issue with their analytic system. It was recently discovered by some Facebook page administrators that there was a discrepancy between their reach and engagement metrics.


Facebook has come forward and admitted that this discrepancy has affected all Page Posts and Boosted Posts between May 30th and June 30th.

Bloggers and administrators have reached out to Facebook for help resolving this issue. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a bit of a limbo at the moment because there is no set date on when this problem will be fixed.


Viral Video Of The Week

While there’s not much substance to this clip, it’s definitely a video and it has definitely gone viral. It’s only fitting that we end this week’s Smorgasbord with a quick Vine video showing a visual analogy of Germany’s win over Brazil.


Thanks for reading A Smorgasbord of Social Media – your weekly roundup of all things social. Check back each Friday for a fresh batch of updates. As always, fee free to share your opinions by tweeting us @Wpromote!


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