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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social! We’ve got some insightful updates to bring to you, so let’s get down to business.


Pinterest Meets Advertising!

The 70 million users of Pinterest will witness the power of Promoted Pins. Initially launched in a small-scale release last fall, Promoted Pins now allows businesses to advertise to those who use the platform as a shopping discovery tool. Organic Pins and Promoted Pins will only have one distinction: those that are promoted will show up show up in search and category feeds, but will have a “Promoted Pin” tag at the bottom.


Additionally, Pinterest brings us another surprise: the platform has announced its new and improved analytics dashboard. More detailed information, such as which Pins are driving engagement, will be a click away!


Major Design Changes For LinkedIn

LinkedIn has followed in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by implementing large cover photos and user profile pictures. This long-overdue update will be made available exclusively to premium users for now. Free users, do not fret! In just a few short months all users profiles will have the same capability.


More changes are headed toward premium user profiles. With rates starting at ten dollars per month, these changes include the option of making your profile open to all users. People are sure to welcome such customization options considering that many use the site as an online resume for potential employers.


One Size Does Not Fit All

140 Proof and IPG Media came together to determine the effectiveness of using the same copy for engagement across multiple social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, they report that about 60% of users agreed they engage with different platforms in different ways. For example, Facebook is preferred for engaging with family and friends, while LinkedIn provides users with networking capabilities.

The report adds other bits of useful user insight. The study also finds that marketers must step up their game when it comes to creating content. A reported 61% of users have unfollowed/unliked a brand while 29% have never unliked a brand. The moral of the story: keep content engaging. But also make sure to tailor your content to the primary use of the various social media platforms.


Viral Video Of The Week

Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre has recently made headlines for its acquisition by Apple for $3 billion. As the first billionaire of the hip-hop industry, the doctor hasn’t stopped there. His audio engineering company recently launched its “The Game Before the Game” campaign in light of the much-anticipated World Cup. The video highlights Neymar Jr. and a touching phone conversation with his father before his big game. Showcasing the new Beats SOLO2 headphones, the video also includes cameos by Jozy Altidore, Thierry Henry, LeBron James, Stuart Scott and even Nicky Minaj.


As always, thanks for reading! Check back each week for a fresh batch of updates!


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