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Welcome back for another weekly roundup of all things social media! We have some important updates for you so let’s get right to it.


Help Me Help You

Are you one of the many people that immediately hits “0” on the dial pad when dealing with automated customer service systems? We do this because people want to deal with an actual person when seeking customer service assistance. Whether it’s via phone or email, it gives us peace of mind to deal with an actual human being rather than some lifeless program that continually makes you repeat your last response.

How does this relate to social media, you ask? Well, with the rise of various networkinghelp-button-keyboard sites, many companies have started utilizing social media for customer service purposes. A recent study by Forrester and Conversocial, which surveyed 159 senior contact center executives, revealed a key aspect regarding the needs of customers. The study found that while social media customer service is on the rise, it might not be the best route to customer satisfaction. For example, even though the use of Twitter for customer service needs doubled to 22%, customers still expressed a desire for good old human interaction.

Joshua March, Conversocial Founder and CEO, expands on this revelation by explaining, “Businesses need to realize that social doesn’t just sit with your marketing team anymore. Social media is a primary customer service channel alongside email, phone and chat.”

So, instead of “Press one for English,” it should really be “Hello! How may I help you?”


Facebook Ads Expanding Reach

If you already thought there was no escaping Facebook ads, wait until you get a load of this! Effective immediately: Facebook is expanding the capabilities of its customer audience ad-targeting options that were formerly exclusive via FBX and other third party apps like AdRoll.


These updates have been proven to expand the success of campaigns. Nomorerack, an eCommerce company, implemented these new advertising tactics and saw a 42% increase in their clickthrough rates and a 42-45% decrease in their costs-per-acquisition. Such remarkable turnaround is made possible by these ads being significantly better targeted to specific audiences. Furthermore, these new ad features allow for promoting multiple products in the same ad.


So, if you wanted to reach people who browsed your website but didn’t make a purchase, you can retarget them on Facebook with multiple products at the same time.


Facebook Editing On-The-Go

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of realizing you made a mistake in a Facebook post while you were away from your desktop? It’s especially bad when it’s for a Facebook page that you manage, huh?

Fortunately, you will never experience that feeling ever again! Facebook has released an update that allows users to edit pages on their mobile devices.



Viral Video Of The Week!

Samuel L. Jackson lays his vengeance upon us once again. Jackson was recently on The Graham Norton Show for an interview in which he recited his infamous Ezekiel 25:17 speech from Pulp Fiction. Take a look at his flawless delivery nearly two decades after it first graced us with its presence!


Thanks for reading A Smorgasbord of Social Media – your weekly roundup of all things social. Check back each Friday for a fresh batch of updates. As always, fee free to share your opinions by tweeting us @Wpromote!


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