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Welcome back to another weekly roundup of all things social media. We have some important updates for you so let’s get right to it.



Facebook Using More Outside Data To Improve Quality Of Ads Delivered

Facebook collects all of its individual data from your actions on the social networking site, mostly from the pages you like. To take their advertising to the next level, they are using your off-Facebook data. When you search for an item on the web, Facebook will start showing you ads that are relevant to that search. For example, if they think you’re interested in electronics, they may show you ads for other electronics or devices that are often purchased. The social networking giant is also giving users more control of the ads they see with ‘Ad Preferences’. It’s a new tool that will be on the drop down of every ad explaining why you are seeing that ad, and lets you remove interests that they may have attributed to you. Overall, Facebook is using more data to help refine ad user visibility, draw a better response, and provide additional tools to help understand audiences better.

ad-preferences-screenshot (1)


Google+ Analytics Are Finally A Reality

When Google+ started as a social site, the only analytical tool they provided was a very basic ‘Ripples’, which displayed post shares. For page managers, this was the biggest letdown of the platform, and limited its use a marketing tool. That all changes with the introduction of Google+ Insights, which provides information in three different areas: Visibility, Engagement and Audience.

Visibility: Google+’s most recent update, which changed +1’s to views. It gives a breakdown of how many times your content has been viewed across Google’s network of tools.

Engagement: A breakdown of the total number of views, shares and comments for all your content. For the first 72 hours of a new post, the activity will be displayed hour by hour, which will help determine the lifetime of your posts.

Audience: A very general breakdown of demographic data that includes gender, age and geographic locations of your followers.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for Google+ to become an effective marketing tool for brands to use, especially as more and more are looking for a Facebook replacement.



Twitter Gears Up For World Cup Mania

During the 2010 World Cup, Twitter released hashflags to get users talking about their favorite teams. The site is bringing them back for World Cup 2014. Hashflags are emoji flags attached when using the country’s shortened hashtag. For example, if you use the United States abbreviated hashtag “#USA” an American Flag will automatically be attached. As Facebook tries to fight to get in on the conversation, Twitter believes real time tweets along with hashflags will encourage users to keep the World Cup conversation on their platform.



Viral Video Of The Week – Guy Jumps In With A Great White

What starts off as a casual cliff jump with friends turns scary…fast! After this guy jumps into the waters of the Australian coast and comes back to the surface, his friend spots a great white shark nearby. Panic ensues when he gets a close up of the shark underwater. Check out this frightening but awesome clip that is boasting over 6 million views.


Thanks for tuning into another Smorgasbord of Social Media – your weekly roundup of all things social. Check back each Friday for a fresh batch of updates. In the meantime, check out @Wpromote!


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