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Twitter Profile Will Be Updated By May 28th

Whether you like the new profile design or not, it will be coming to you by May 28th. What first started as a slow rollout for very exclusive Twitter users has now hit mainstream users, who currently have an option of whether to use it or not. Soon the option will no longer be available, and people will be forced to use the new design. Many critics of the new profile design say it looks too similar to Facebook’s platform, which they do not approve of. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet us (@Wpromote) and tell us what you think of the new profile design and being forced to switch.

Facebook To Teach Small Businesses How To Advertise On Facebook

The social media giant has decided to do a tour to teach small businesses how to advertise on its platform. Facebook is planning a five-stop tour, which it is calling Facebook Fit, with other partners including Square, Intuit QuickBooks, and LegalZoom. The event, a series of “boot camp-style events designed to help SMBs achieve business success,” will host 500 to 700 attendees. Facebook’s Small Business Council found that advertisers are still asking basic questions and are unclear how to turn likes, comments, and shares into real profit. With organic reach lower than ever, Facebook wants to get more people advertising. There are over 25 million small businesses with Facebook pages but only about 1 million of them are advertising on the platform. If this will encourage more SMBs to advertise, it is a very small price to pay. The summer tour will hit 5 major cities, so if you or someone you know is interested they can sign up here.


Facebook Dominates Platform For Young Adults

In a recent study by the Harvard Institute of Politics of young adults aged 18 to 29, Facebook was still the most used social network. We all have heard about teens leaving Facebook in droves, but that is not the same for this age group. The study asked respondents which social networks they had an account on. Facebook was still number one and even saw an increase from 79% to 84%. The big shocker was the number two network – Google Plus. Google Plus saw increase from 37% to 44%, which was still higher than Twitter’s 40%. It was higher than Instagram, which is touting 36%. SnapChat jumped up 7% to a total of 23%. Another question asked was “What is one website, social network, or app you could not live without?” Education had an influence in the different types of accounts that these young adults prefer. 15% of graduate school students said they couldn’t live without Google Plus, while only 3% of high school students agreed with them. Overall, Facebook still remains supreme. Check out the study yourself, or enjoy this Statista graph.


Viral Video – Homeless Man Gets A House

In this video, the uploader ‘MagicofRahat’ talks about a previous viral video where he met a homeless man and decided to give him $1,000 by convincing him that he had a winning lotto ticket. People were impressed by the act of kindness and wanted to help out with the very nice and gracious man. The internet rallied around him to give even more. Watch the heart wrenching video that gained over 6 million views in just two days.



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