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Welcome back to another round of social media updates. We skipped last week to bring you a post on The Value of News in Social Media, but we’re back this week and have some great updates for you.

Ready For The New Facebook?

Whether you like it or not, all brand pages will be forced onto the new profile design sometime during June. We say sometime during June because there are reports with conflicting dates (June 6  and June 13). Most likely this switch will be coming faster than you think. If you are unaware, the new design will have posts in a single column rather than a staggered layout. The left-hand column will soon have all of your business information, photos, events, and other tabs. Some basic engagement insights will be available on the right-hand side, next to your cover photo. The last change will be to the top bar, where there will be simpler navigation buttons.


Twitter Testing An Easy Video Sharing Feature

It has been well-reported that tweets incorporated with visual media get more engagement than those without. Because of this, Twitter is testing a new way to easily share videos in tweets. When you use a hashtag from a movie, for example #AMillionWaysToDieIntheWest, a menu will drop down to give you the option of attaching a video clip. So far this seems to be a free feature, but could easily transfer into a new Twitter ad unit. They also seem to be working towards online video streaming rather than taking users to the browser view. For now, both are limited to the Twitter IOS app, but expect to start seeing these new features released more widely soon.


Pinterest Releases API To Third-Party Tools

Now you can get a deeper insight into your Pinterest marketing efforts through some third-party marketing tools. The Pinterest blog mentions, “Insights help businesses engage better with Pinners. This could be which boards and Pins are getting the most engagement, which downstream actions Pins are driving or what products are most popular with Pinners.” Previously, analytics were only accessible on the platform itself. By utilizing third-party tools, developers have the opportunity to pull data onto a customized dashboard. This is a step in the right direction for Pinterest to become a leader in the social marketing atmosphere. Overall, this means is you can finally integrate Pinterest data with other community data using one of the developer platforms.  


Viral Twitter Account Of The Week – Random Act of Cash

Instead of the viral video of the week, I want to showcase a Twitter account that is going viral. A mystery benefactor running an account that goes by @HiddenCash is hiding money all over the California Coast and leaving clues on where to find it. The envelopes that enclose the cash often give instructions to tweet @HiddenCash a photo in recognition. Sometimes they ask what the recipients are going to do with the cash, but in most cases they don’t. I started following the account after hearing a local news station mention that a person was leaving cash around San Francisco, CA and had plans to come down to Los Angeles. When I followed the account earlier this week it had just over 90K followers. HiddenCash tweeted about a special reward upon reaching 100k followers, but when the follower count rapidly breezed past that benchmark, a follow-up tweet stated he wasn’t ready that quickly and he would be still doing something special very soon. As of Thursday, HiddenCash had over 280k followers after a news story about the phenomenon was published, the account has reached over 350k followers. The anonymous account-runner also released a statement Friday morning, saying this is all nothing more than acts of altruism. Follow @HiddenCash and read the post explaining why he does it.

Thanks for keeping up with the Smorgasbord – your weekly round up of all things social. Check back each Friday for a fresh batch!



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