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Facebook Global Usage Down, While Instagram Soars

Results from a recent study conducted by GlobalWebIndex show that Facebook monthly usage is down, but overall the site still holds the top spot. 40,000 internet users were surveyed and 82% of those users had a Facebook account. Nearly 50% of those users said they have used or contributed to Facebook at least once a month during the first three months of this year. Compared to quarter 3 of 2013, that is a decline of 6%. Facebook’s usage is certainly feeling the effects of a social landscape that’s getting more and more crowded with new platforms. Both Instagram and Tumblr saw huge increases in monthly active users, with Pinterest also showing slight growth. Each of these platforms has their own unique appeal that may draw some users away from Facebook, but the long-standing social leader still remains king. Along with social media sites, GlobalWebIndex also asked what social apps participants were using. The big guys (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube) all saw significant increases, but messaging apps witnessed the biggest increase. SnapChat usage increased 67%, Kik Messenger 32%, and WhatsApp 30% from Q3 of 2013. Overall, other platforms may be taking the attention away from Facebook, but Facebook still has a strong hold on their users.



What The Mute Button Means For Brands

Twitter released a new ‘Mute’ feature, which allows you do to do exactly what it sounds like: mute people you don’t want to hear. This will allow users to follow accounts, but without having to see the accounts’ updates. Twitter explained this in a little more detail by saying, “The muted user will still be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your Tweets; you just won’t see any of that activity in your timeline. The muted user will not know that you’ve muted them, and of course you can unmute at any time.”  Before this, brands could assume that anybody and everybody following them could see their Twitter activity. This new mute function puts the power in the hands of the users and unfortunately, brands will have no way of knowing who has muted them. The takeaway? Be careful what you share and how often you are sharing, for it may cost you.



Pinterest Promoted Pins Become Reality

The visual-based platform announced its first ad product last fall and also began accepting applications for brands to begin advertising. Finally, Pinterest announced this week that it is in the testing phase of promoted pins. More than a dozen brands signed up for the test run, including: Target, Lululemon Athletica, and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. The advertising will mostly appear during search results and inside category feeds, so be on the lookout. They are also looking for user feedback during this test to continuously improve their product. In other Pinterest news, a report by RJMetrics shows a stat that most people already assumed was true: 80% of pinners are female. Furthermore, RJMetrics determined that 92% of all pins are created/shared by women and that women are pinning about 15x more than men on the platform. These gender insights play a big role knowing that, in the US, roughly 70% of household spending is dictated or controlled by women.



Viral Video – My Cat Saved My Son

If you are a crazy cat lady lover, then you will fall a little more in love with them after this video. A neighborhood dog was mistakenly freed from his owners’ control and attacked a neighbor’s child, who was innocently riding a bike in his driveway. As quick as the dog latched on to the boy, a pal came flying to his rescue. If you haven’t already watched this short video, nearing 9 million views, here’s your chance. If you weren’t a cat lover before, I’m sure you will be after watching this!



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