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Twitter Announces Pop-up Notifications On Desktop

When users accessed Twitter via Twitter.com this week, a new pop-up notification feature may have greeted them. A notification comes when other users engage with yourtwitter-final2 updates or follow you. They are fully interactive so you can reply, retweet or follow directly from the notification. Users are also able to change the notifications they receive by going to settings option and then to web notifications. Twitter created these notifications as an attempt to make it easier to interact with what’s relevant to you. Some people may have already seen this change, but expect a larger roll out in the coming weeks.

Facebook Adds ‘Nearby Friends’

If you have been somewhere and wondered, “Are any of my friends here?” Facebooknearby-friends-press-1 has got something for you. A new feature, called Nearby Friends, will now notify you when friends are in your vicinity. This new app will have an optional feature where you can specify which friends can see when you’re close by. In order to be notified if a friend is nearby, it’s a two way street – meaning you and your friends both have to turn on Nearby Friends and choose to share with each other. After being notified, you can also create meet ups. You can share a precise location and set a time frame for how long you’ll be there, so others can join you. Your nearby location will never be exact, unless you share a precise location, only after sharing information will your friends have your exact location. This all stems from a purchase Facebook made back in 2012 of a company called Glance. The Silicon Valley company has been testing the software with its own employees ever since. They only noticed one glitch initially: that you don’t need to have a have a notification every time you walk into work or come home to your spouse. The algorithm is designed to be intuitive and will learn when not to bother you. After nearly two years of testing and tweaking, Nearby Friends is rolling out in the United States with other countries to follow.

Now Google+ Posts Can Be Placed On Google Ad Network

Google has announced the full rollout of +Posts ads to any Google+ page with at leastgoogle+-post-ads-600x464 1,000 followers. This program gives businesses the opportunity to turn regular Google+ posts into its own display advertising network. Viewers can see posts links, photos, videos, and even hangouts where they appear as fully interactive content. A “click to expand” button will bring up a full screen view of the content. Being fully interactive, a user can sign into Google, leave a comment, plus one, or share it. Testing began in December and since then Google said brands have had great success. For example, Toyota USA experienced a 50% higher engagement rate than the industry average for rich media ads. It might be something to consider in your next ad budget meeting.

Viral Video Of The Week – The “Little Too Close” Selfie

This week’s Viral Video of the Week is an 11 second video that features a guy trying to take “a selfie with a train,” who in turn ends up getting kicked in the face. If you pause the video in-between the first and second, you can see the train conductors boot kick this kids face. At first you may be thinking why did he kick this kid? It turns out the conductor only kicked the kid so that he would get away from a metal piece sticking off the train that could have killed him. So we say kudos to this conductor for saving this careless selfie-getter. Watch the video that already has over 13 million views.


Thanks for reading the Smorgasbord, be sure to come by next Friday for more social media news!


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