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Spring has sprung, however the weather keeps playing games with us. But we’re not here to play any games, so let’s jump right into these updates.

Twitter: Now You Can Upload 4 Images & Tag Other Users

In Twitter’s plan to become a little more like Facebook, it added a few features. Past updates have shown us that Twitter is moving towards a more photo-sharing friendlyPhototagging_FINAL platform. Recently, it released features allowing for tagging as many as 10 other users in photos and uploading four photos in a single tweet. Furthermore, anyone can tag you in their photos. Twitter suggests reviewing your profile settings to adjust who can tag you. The biggest question users asked is, “Will tagging other users effect my character count?” The answer: No. Tagging will be separate from your character count! The biggest question marketers asked is, “How is this going to change my strategy?” In the best response, Reddit user krexca explains, “If I get a great haircut I can tag the salon and stylist. Tag the bar you’re at, the band you’re seeing, or the restaurant you’re at. You know you’re going to post a pic of your food anyway. This opens itself up to great cross marketing and contest opportunity.” As you can see, this opens up capabilities from which Twitter was originally limited. As of now, the only way to upload multiple images is on an iPhone or Android. Be on the lookout for desktop capabilities coming soon.

Is Google Making A YouTube For Kids?

YouTube attracts more than one billion visitors each month that watch over six billion hours of video. However, not all of that content should be available to users under theyoutube-for-kids-600x370 age of 18. To try to specialize itself, YouTube might develop a site with content aimed at younger demographics. While the video-sharing platform already offers a “safety mode,” it is just a filter and not 100% accurate. Unfortunately, the difficulty of manually filtering all of the 100 hours of video uploaded each minute simply isn’t worth it. But, a brand new site allows for far easier policing of the content. It also makes it more convenient for parents who are relying on tablets and smart phones for entertaining their children. This news has been reported by multiple sites, but it is all speculation at the moment. A YouTube representative commented on this news by stating, “While we’re always working on new and better ways for people to enjoy YouTube, we do not comment on rumor or speculation.” Hopefully, this is really in YouTube’s headlights and will be out sooner rather than later.

Facebook Moving Away From Social – To Be More Like Google?

This week, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus Rift. The acquisition left social media gurus very confused. Why would a social media platform expand into virtual reality gaming? The obvious answer: more than 375 million people play games on Facebook each month. But I think this provides insight into Facebook’s bigger plans to be more like Google. On Thursday, Facebook announced the Connectivity Lab, aoculus-rift team dedicated to advancing the Internet through aerospace and communication technologies. As we all know, Google has also stepped up its game in the Internet service provider space by offering select cities up to 1 Gbps speeds. I personally believe that Facebook plans on shifting away from a social platform to a technological empire. They continually buy up companies that help connect the world, while also investing in technologies that provide people with Internet access. Making the Internet more accessible will result in more of the world having access to the sites Facebook owns. We’ll see the direction Facebook is heading as they acquire more tech companies!

Viral Video Of The Week – Road Rage Instant Karma

If you live in Southern California, you’re a trooper. By living here we have all been enlisted in the war on traffic. Unfortunately, we endure the pain of dealing with reckless and insensitive drivers. In a satisfying turn of events, karma finally caught up with this driver. He gets caught tailgating on camera, and then sent rude gestures as he tried passing. Check out this hilarious video from March 26th with nearly four million views!


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