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Happy first weekend of spring! Before you rush out of the office today, sit back and enjoy this roundup of all things social!


WhatsApp: “We Will Not Collect Data… Yet”

WhatsApp, the messaging app that Facebook recently bought for roughly $16 billion,facebook-whatsapp has announced that they will not be collecting data. The company wrote a blog post Monday to address the issue of data sharing with its new owner, Facebook. Accusations that more data would be collected under the new ownership started surfacing soon after the acquisition. WhatsApp has made it very public that they do not store any of the content of your messages or your email address. What we do know is that this can change at any moment. Facebook is known for its ever-shifting privacy policy changes that could easily come to WhatsApp. Zuckerberg says they do plan to serve ads on the app, but not until the user base reaches a certain quantity. To serve ads properly on the app, they would need some sort of data about the user. Overall, the blog post said, “We will not collect data… yet.”

Facebook At Games Developer Conference

Facebook announced at the Games Developer Conference that an average 375 millioniswifter_theworx_app_hub_i people per month play Facebook-connected games. Their blog also stated that Facebook sends an average of 735 million referrals to gamers every day. Facebook has made it very clear that having your game available on multiple platforms is more profitable. A study that Facebook conducted late last year concluded that a user who plays the same game on two or more platforms spends 3.3 times more money than users who just play on desktop. They go on to say that cross-platform players are also more likely to engage and click on ads with the game. Developers have also revamped requests to give marketers another tool to drive users to the game. Previously, requests were very basic, for example, “Candy Crush: Adria sent you a request” was the standard. Now, however, you can be specific on the request you are sending: “Candy Crush: Adria sent you a life.”

Instagram – PromPosals

With high school prom right around the corner, teenagers from all over are trying to figure out a creative way to ask out their date. Instagram has noticed and blogged about some students using the hashtag #PromPosal when showing off how they asked their date. I wish I had Instagram to use for inspiration during my time! I asked my prom date out OVER AIM! Check out the crazy ideas these teenagers are getting nowadays on Instagram!

Viral Video Of The Week – Wheel Of Fortune Winner!

Everyone loves a good, triumphant story, and this week, the TV game show Wheel of Fortune has brought just that. After most of the game show is complete, the winner gets a bonus round where they have a chance to win a huge prize on a very difficult puzzle. After naming off their extra characters, contestants receive no additional help. In this circumstance, the host basically says, “good luck!” and with that, the contestant correctly guesses the answer with his first try! This video was uploaded March 19th and is coming up on 4 million views.


Thanks for reading A Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social! Check back each Friday for a fresh batch!



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