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Hey everyone, and welcome to another week of A Smorgasbord of Social Media – the best place to find the latest round up of all things social media. Here are some interesting updates that we’re excited to share with you.

Facebook Tagging Can Extend Pages’ Reach

With Facebook’s latest release, a page can now show up in the news feed of pages it tags. For example, if one of our client’s pages tags Wpromote in their post, the post will also be shown in the news feed of people who follow Wpromote. This was already happening with updates from friends – “if a friend tags me in a photo, my friends might see the update even though they are not friends with the person who tagged me”.  This can be a good way to gain reach by using the following of another page. After testing this feature for pages, Facebook found that people liked the content and gave these stories high scores in surveys. Now is a good time to take advantage of any relationships you might have with brand pages.

Twitter’s Lie Detector

Twitter is great for sharing information to millions very quickly, but it can share misinformation just as fast. A team of researchers designed software, Pheme, to determine if news tweets are legitimate or not. To identify if the information is false, they begin by looking at the news source, the conversations around the tweet, and the tweet’s language. The project began with a professor of social informatics, Rob Procter, who examined the spread of rumors on Twitter following the London riots in 2011. Pheme will be extremely beneficial in times of crisis when many citizens may report the news. Currently, Pheme is still in the concept phase with a prototype expected to release in 18 to 20 months. So for now, remember to double-check your sources before hitting that retweet button.


Counting The Olympic Winners Of Social Media

The winter Olympics has come and gone, the winners have been announced, and everyone has gone home. The last highlight left is to determine who won the battle on social media. Facebook and Twitter released the most tweeted/mentioned moments, athletes, and sports from the Sochi Olympics. The most tweeted and mentioned sport goes to ice hockey on both platforms. The most mentioned moment, capturing 72,000 tweets per minute, is credited to ice hockey after Russia lost to the U.S. in a shootout. The most mentioned athlete goes to Shaun White after his Olympic gold run came to disappointing end. Overall, more than 40 million tweets were credited to the Olympic games and 45 million different Facebook users were responsible for 120 million posts.


Viral Video Of The Week – Lip Sync Battle

Last week Jimmy Fallon started his new job at the Tonight Show. He has had some awesome guests with even funnier bits. Here is one of our favorites this week – Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle. They have some classics in here you don’t want to miss. Watch as these two hilarious guys battle it out to be named ‘best lip sync-er’. Uploaded by the Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon on February 25, this video has almost 4 million views.


Thanks for catching up with A Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly round up of all things social. Check back next week for a fresh batch!


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