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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. We’re back for another round of social media news, and there are some really interesting changes and updates that we want to catch you up on!



Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Gone are the days when you advertised one product for your company on Facebook. Dynamic Product Ads will now give marketers a huge tool (we’re talking about a tool that can change the course of history). Dynamic Ads will allow marketers to advertise specific products to specific people by using an automated avenue. Now when uploading your product catalog into Facebook and creating separate Custom Audience pixels for your products, you can retarget people who have viewed a specific product or even type of product on your site. This new tool will work with both single and multiple product ads, and some marketers are already seeing results of up to a 34% increase in CTR and 38% reduction in cost per purchase. Ok, so maybe it won’t change history, but it can definitely help your bottom line.

fb_dynamic_ad copy


Facebook Shows Your Ad’s Relevance Score

Have you ever created a Facebook ad and simply sat back with such satisfaction because you know you just made an unbelievable ad? Well now you can actually tell if you’re being smug, or if it really is a very relevant kick-ass ad. How you might ask? Facebook just announced late last week that marketers will now be able to see a “Relevance Score” that shows how relevant your ad is to the targeted market you are trying to reach. The score is on a 1-10 scale, and is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback expected from Facebook. This score continuously updates while the ad is live, so make sure to always check it to see if tweaks need to be made.

relevance_score copy


Facebook Photo Posts Drive Lowest Organic Reach

Yes, you read that title right. A recent report from Socialbakers that analyzed 670,000 posts and 4,445 brand pages showed that photo posts generated the lowest organic reach at 3.73%. The posts that garnered the largest organic reach were video posts at 8.71%, followed by text only (5.77%), and link posts (5.29%). The video posts should come as no surprise to marketers, but who would have thought that image posts would be so low? That isn’t to say you shouldn’t post photos, however, try to make sure they are engaging and compelling whenever possible.




Pinterest Coming Out With ‘Buy’ Button

We’ve all been there; scrolling through Pinterest and finding an amazing product on Etsy that we want to buy. But who wants to click on that pin to have to buy it? Not I! That’s why I am waiting desperately for Pinterest to release their ‘Buy’ button that allows me to purchase the product right on Pinterest. According to a Re/code story, the button should be available as early as three to six months from now. (While in all seriousness, this will help businesses improve their conversion rates on Pinterest) I guess I will have to wait till then to actually buy something.


Thanks for keeping up with A Smorgasbord of Social Media! Check back each week for a fresh batch of updates. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet @Wpromote if you have any questions or comments about any of these updates!


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