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Welcome back to another week of A Smorgasbord of Social Media. We just have a few updates for you for now, but lets dive right in.

Twitter Redesigns to look more like Facebook

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, “Finally, you understand Twitter – and then it goes all Facebook on you and changes.” But this time, the changes just make it look more like Facebook. From the looks of it, this change is more about the profile layout and avoids changes to the homepage. A Mashable editor noticed the change when he logged in earlier this week. The layout looks more like a Facebook profile: profile image on left, with a header above and tabs going across right below the header. Those tabs across also include a new category, photos/videos. After Mashable initially reported the new redesign many people commented on how it looks too similar to Facebook and Google+. Previously, Twitter tested new features and designs to a small group of users before it launched to every user. Twitter has not commented, but we can assume that if all goes well, we could be seeing another redesign very soon.


Facebook Adds New Option

Facebook has always been a place to reveal one’s true identity, but Thursday, Facebook made it even easier. On the Facebook Diversity page, they announced the new “custom gender” selections. Facebook teamed up with “leading LGBT advocacy organizations to offer an extensive list of gender identities that many people use to describe themselves”. This is a huge change for users who don’t identify with the label of male or female. Furthermore, users now have the ability to change the pronoun that Facebook uses for updates.


Viral Video of the Week – ‘Bride Sings Down Aisle’ Round Two!

The reason we say “round two” is because this video almost reached 14 million views in 5 days on ‘GodTube’ but it was actually uploaded to YouTube months ago.  We first noticed the video being shared on Facebook. We followed the link and it took us to ‘GodTube’ instead of YouTube. We were a little thrown off by this and searched for the video on YouTube. When we found the video we noticed that the only difference was that it was uploaded in August of 2013 and had over 700k views. Seven hundred thousand views is a good amount. But, it is clear that they went for the double dip and uploaded onto another site, where it quickly took off. Regardless, the video is very heart wrenching and should be watched. After all, that is why it is our viral video of the week!

Thanks for reading this week’s update on a Smorgasbord of Social Media.  We hope you’ll join us next week: same time, same place!


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