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Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining me again this week for a round-up of all things Social Media. We have some really interesting updates, so lets get right down to business.


Facebook Introduces Paper

Yesterday, Facebook introduced a new way of browsing your News Feed. “Paper” as they call it, includes stories and themed sections, making it easier to follow your favorite interests. You can customize Paper with an array of different topics that include a mixture of content from many well-known publications. This is the first product introduced by Facebook Creative Labs, a new department focused on developing new apps for Facebook’s ever-changing platform.

Facebook Fighting Twitter For TV Data

Second on Facebook’s list of announcements this week was Chatter. Chatter will help collect and publish anonymous data about TV conversations. Facebook teamed up with a social media television analytics firm, SecondSync, to release a study “Watching With Friends.” This study looks to understand how television shows are discussed on the platform along with demographic breakdowns. This new feature allows Facebook to directly compete with Twitter, which has dominated the TV conversation data collection sphere. Capturing the data might be difficult for Facebook, but after that, their road map might just lead them to yet another avenue for success.


Pinterest Is Making It Easier To Cook

The place already known for great recipes and ideas for food has made it even easier to find a great recipe. Now, users can search for recipes by ingredients or individual foods. Before, if you searched for ingredients, it would return photos and recipes. Pinterest will now show only recipes incorporating said ingredient when searched. They have also created some options to filter by a specific eating style or diet including: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. Pinterest rolled this feature out this week so you may have already noticed it!


Viral Video Of The Week – A Super Bowl Commercial?

This weeks viral video is supposed to be a commercial for the Super Bowl but already has over 17 million views and was just uploaded on Wednesday. Budweiser has been making more sentimental commercials with its Clydesdale horses, beginning with last years commercial. This year’s ad is almost identical but instead of the horse remembering the trainer, it remembers a dog that wondered in to his barn. Overall, these ads are big shift from the 1995 Budweiser Frog commercials.

That’s it for this week, thanks for staying up to date with a Smorgasbord of Social Media. Don’t forget to check back next Friday for a fresh batch!


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