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Hey Friends, and welcome to another week of a Smorgasbord of Social Media. We have a few platform updates that we would love to share with you, so lets dive right in.


A Better Understanding Of The Facebook Algorithm For Pages

Facebook is constantly tweaking our News Feeds, so it is hard to stay on top of what isfb-like best to post. Luckily, the Facebook Blog just published an update announcing, for brand pages, text only updates are currently ranking the lowest for both reach and engagement. The new link-share view is outperforming a regular text post, however the image post still reigns superior!

Pinterest Going With GIFs

Pinterest is trying to shake up their platform by adding a feature to make GIFs playable. Before, if you uploaded a GIF a single still image would show up. Pinterest announced earlier this week that they have been testing GIFs on some users accounts. They must have had a great response because they plan to begin rolling this out to all users, beginning Thursday. Moving forward, although they will not automatically play, Pinterest will be adding a play button in the corner of any uploaded GIF. So now your favorite GIFs can be pinned to any of your boards. Also, a spokesperson confirmed GIFs will be coming to mobile soon, but no plans have been announced just yet.

How Retailers Are Using Your Instagram Pictures To Their Advantage

Instead of paying high prices for photo shoots, more and more retailers are turning to your Instagram for their photos. A company called Olapic is helping some companies collect, curate and display the social content. Retailers are using this massive collection of photos to their advantage by embedding them on product pages or creating a whole new site dedicated to fan photos. Olapic describes that photo tie-ins are more than just branding but can increase the odds of purchase from 5 to 12%. Instead of using every picture, Olapic is very selective of the images; they say only the top 4% of the images they receive are actually used. Overall, they believe this will change the way retailers do business online.


Zenni Optical Video Contest Winners – Local Viral Video Of The Week

This week instead of showing an already popular video we want to get your thoughts on01_grand_prize these newly released videos! Our client, Zenni Optical, recently reached out to the video making community and asked them to create 30-second videos explaining why they love Zenni Optical. Some are very cute, some are funny, and others tell you what Zenni Optical is all about. They had over 80 entries making it pretty difficult to narrow it down to 8 different winners. Zenni Optical has made their selection, but we want to know – which is your favorite?

Thanks for keeping up to date with a Smorgasbord of Social Media. Hope you’ve enjoyed another update and we’ll see you back here at the same time next week!


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