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Welcome back to another addition of a Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly update on all things social. We have some really cool things to share with you, so lets get right to them.


Trending Topics On Facebook

Once again, Facebook is adding a new feature to your homepage. Facebook will be rolling out a Trending section, located at the right size of your newsfeed, displaying (you guessed it) topics and their respective descriptions. When you click the topics it will bring a feed of all your friends and pages that have posted something related to that topic. Similar to the way hashtags are set up on Facebook, a separate feed of the topics will appear for you to browse. As usual, not all users will be getting this update right away, but expect to see it on your homepage very soon.


Twitter Redesign

Finally, you understand Twitter – and then it goes all Facebook on you and changes. Well, fortunately for us, they didn’t change too much! Mostly the look and feel of its platform rather than functionality or the way feeds run. Twitter introduced a new redesign Monday and is expected to roll out to all profiles in the course of a few days. These new changes include the toolbar changing to white from black and the Twitter logo in the center of the toolbar. It is also made the homepage more customizable with the addition to features in the ‘design’ tab under settings. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re sure you’ll see the changes on your Twitter desktop soon.


Teens Are Abandoning Facebook – But You Already Knew This

We haven’t seen an annual numbers update from Facebook recently but finally we have some hard numbers showing teen users decline by as much as 25% since 2011. The data doesn’t come from Facebook directly but from their social ad tool. Many people have speculated that the younger demographic have been on the decline, while the 35+ ages have increased dramatically. One of the main theories is that 35 plus age group are the parents of the teenagers, making Facebook not as fun and exclusive. We’ll see the steps Facebook takes to lure teens back to its platform.

Viral Video Of The Week: Devil Baby Attack

Whoever got the idea for this prank video may need to take a chill-pill until Halloween. To promote the upcoming movie “Devil’s Due”, the video starts off with the construction of a devil-like baby that can prop itself up in a stroller. Then it’s off to the streets of New York to scare the HELL out of people. The people’s reactions are pretty much what you would expect, and might we add HILARIOUS. This video was posted on YouTube January 14, 2014 and already is nearing 27 million views.

That is it for this week Smorgasbord of Social Media. Check back next Friday for a fresh batch of updates from the Social World.


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