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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. We have a bunch of updates to drop for you, so let’s get right down to business.



Facebook Says, “If You Want To Sound Like An Advertiser, Buy An Ad”

Businesses using Facebook seem to keep taking blow after blow. Facebooktiger announced on the 14th of this month that in the beginning of next year they will be making yet another tweak to the News Feed that will lower the organic reach of any post that is too promotional. Facebook said they are making this change because hundreds of thousands of people that were surveyed said they want to see less promotional content. That means that if marketers want to keep their organic reach, they will be forced to switch up their content to tell more of a story, and be less focused on pure promotions.


Could Facebook Enter The Corporate Space?

Can you imagine how distracted you would be if Facebook became part of your corporate space? Can you say procrastination?! According to the Financial Times, Facebook has been secretly working on a new service, Facebook at Work, which would launch into the corporate space and be a social platform of sorts. While the Facebook at Work service would be different than Facebook, it still could open up the company to enter an estimated $1 billion space.



Facebook Ad Improvements Go Global

Earlier in the year, Facebook launched two enhancements to Facebook Ads in the United States. The first allows more targeting of interest-based ads depending on which apps and sites people use, and the second is a tool that allows people to see more relevant ads. These two improvements were successful enough in the US that Facebook has announced it will start rolling these enhancements out to other countries around the globe. So all you global advertisers…BE PREPARED TO DOMINATE!


Small And Medium Businesses Hop On The Facebook Video Bandwagon

The Facebook video bandwagon is pretty full, but that doesn’t mean SMBs couldn’t find facebook-videoroom to jump on. According to Facebook, the number of videos posted by SMBs has nearly tripled since last year. In September alone, SMBs posted over 3 million videos! If those videos averaged 30 seconds in length, that would mean that in September alone, SMBs posted 25,000 hours of video content. While the huge amount of engagements from these videos is still in question since it isn’t all “good engagement”, the fact remains that more and more businesses of all sizes are getting on the video trend that is Facebook.



Back-Alley Tweets Can Go Down On Twitter

This may not be groundbreaking news coming from Twitter, but a recent update to the platform’s direct messaging service now allows people to send copies of tweets and comment on them out of the public eye. So if you see a tweet about a new recipe that your friend may want to try, you no longer have to share it with the world. Simply send it in a direct message, and comment your thumbs off. This new update is now available on Twitter.com, the Android and iOS apps, and on TweetDeck.




Pinterest’s Search Power Rises

Search marketers have always known that social pages have a great opportunity to rank highly in Google. However, the tricky part has always been ranking highly and driving traffic from its searches. That’s where Pinterest comes in and blows everyone out of the water. According to a recent study, over the past 12-18 months the number of search engine Pinterest results have doubled (beauty, cosmetic, and clothing results have gone up almost 400%). Even more importantly, Pinterest as a social site has proven to be extremely good at driving traffic back to a website in order to gain better engagement rates. This data leaves marketers with an easy decision: invest in sound and researched Pinterest strategy, and watch those conversions fly in.


Black Friday

A Look At Social Shopping From Last Year

It’s almost Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so what better time to look at social trends from this time last year? We all know social media plays a larger part than ever in the holiday shopping experience, but here are some stats that may blow your mind.

  • There was a 357% year-over-year increase in sales from social traffic for the holiday season.
  • 65% of shoppers researched gifts using social media.
  • Black Friday buyers originating on Pinterest averaged almost $200 per sale.
  • Facebook referrals converted sales at a rate 38% higher than Pinterest on Cyber Monday.
  • Mobile sales accounted for 21.6% of total online sales on Black Friday.
  • $150 million in revenue came from social media referrals between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.



Thanks for keeping up with A Smorgasbord of Social Media! Check back each week for a fresh batch of updates. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet @Wpromote if you have any questions or comments about any of these updates!


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