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Hey friends, and welcome to another week of a Smorgasbord of Social Media. We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is ready to start off the year with a bang. Social Media never sleeps, so lets get into this week’s round-up.

The Word Of 2013 Is Heading To The Next Level In 2014  

As the world prepares for the Sochi Olympics, the Internet is gearing up for theselfie-oly #SelfieOlympics. The word of 2013 has been taken to the next level – competition. The goal is to do the most outrageous thing while taking a photo in bathroom mirror. While you might not think these kids are real athletes, they have become Olympians in the eyes of Social Media. There might not be any judges, but we know winners when we see them. 

Social Media Boot Camp

To revive the country’s oldest big city newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Herst Corporation is sending their employees to boot camp. The announcement came from Audrey Cooper, the first female managing editor in the paper’s almost 150-year career. She is requiring that all of her staff, including 95-year-old science journalist, endure two months of digital and social media training. The goal of the camp is to stop the decline in circulation of the paper by giving their journalists the digital training they desperately need. Do you think all the major newspapers should be offering their reporters similar training?

Breaking Pinterest Boundaries

After the world became fascinated with astronaut Chris Hadfield, who became wellsewingspace known tweeting from space, Karen Nyberg has followed in his footsteps by pinning. Nyberg had been a Pinterest user for a few years before her time on the International Space Station, but thought of it as an opportunity to share the excitement of space. Nyberg mostly posted her own photos captured of Earth, but she also included some that showed her working on Pinterest projects. She noted that posting was pretty difficult, having to go through multiple processes just to get it onto the site. We all can’t thank her and NASA enough for sharing her amazing experiences.

Viral Video Of The Week – How Not To Give A Speech

If you have ever been on stage in front of a large audience before, you know that it can be a little frightful. But world-renowned director Michael Bay took frightful to a whole new level. After a teleprompter error and his subsequent attempt to “wing it” for about 10 seconds, Michael Bay stormed off the stage in this awkward announcement for Samsung. Fortunately for Samsung, this probably brought more views and attention to their product then it would have if Bay’s speech went off without a hitch. This is an example of Social Media at its best.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Smorgasbord of Social Media. Join us next week to stay updated in the Social World. You never know, Mothner may decide to send all of YOU to a Social Media boot camp!



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A Smorgasbord of Social Media
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