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Welcome back to another Smorgasbord of Social Media, your weekly roundup of all things social. There have been some interesting changes and updates that we want to catch you up on this Hallows Eve!

Is Facebook The New YouTube?

We all used Facebook videos to post our Ice Bucket Challenges earlier this year, but wesocialbakers-video aren’t the only ones posting numerous videos on Facebook. A recent study by Socialbakers shows that “more and more brands are bypassing YouTube to upload their video content directly to Facebook”. This study comes on the heels of news that Facebook’s desktop video views surpassed those of YouTube for the first time. While those numbers are disputed because of Facebook’s autoplay feature, even conservative numbers are showing a huge increase in video posts on Facebook.

Ad Controls Are Upgraded

Anyone who has managed ads on Facebook knows how frustrating it is to have to select each ad in an ad group, and then update the targeting measures over and over again. Well, Facebook has tried to alleviate those frustrations by allowing advertisers to feature targeting, placements, and bidding at the Ad Sets level instead of each individual ad. Hopefully this small change can save you time and bypass the headache you may have experienced before.


Facebook Leads The Charge In Social Referral Traffic

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that businesses actually like it when they can get referralsshareaholic-q3-2014 from their online content. However, what may be surprising is that a study from Shareaholics showed that Facebook absolutely dominated the amount of referral traffic from the social realm. In fact, Facebook’s referral traffic accounted for 22.36%, which is three times as much as the next seven platforms combined. Pinterest was a solid second with 5.52%; but it is obvious that businesses still need to focus a large amount of time on Facebook for referral traffic.

Twitter Partners With IBM

On Wednesday, Twitter announced a new partnership with IBM. Their goal is to create business solutions by combining Twitter’s huge amount of live and historic data with IBM’s ability to integrate complex systems. IBM will be able to analyze ideas and opinions from Twitter, and use that data to show businesses what customers like about their products, why certain geographic areas are performing better, etc.


Twitter For Business Is Redesigned

The world has changed so much since April of 2013, but you know what hasn’t changed since then? Twitter for Business (business.twitter.com). That is, until earlier this week when Twitter finally redesigned the site to serve as a true resource for businesses on Twitter. The new site is far easier to navigate by breaking it up into four sections: Basics (getting started), Solutions (how Twitter Ads can help accomplish objectives), Success Stories, and Resources (research, videos, access guides). Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the new site should serve as a new resource to refer to.


Google Ads:
Target Users That Made In-App Purchases With AdWords

Can you name a business that doesn’t love targeting their ads to their highest value customers? Probably not. So when Google added the ability in AdWords to target users that have made in-app purchases, it instantly became a great tool for you to use to market your company. 



Video Ads:
Tumblr Rolls Out Its First Autoplay Video Ads


Earlier in the week, Tumblr launched its first autoplay video ads. While this capability will be open to all advertisers in mid-November, Tumblr currently has signed 11 brands to test their ads until that time. With estimates of up to $5.96 billion being spent by advertisers on digital ads in 2014, Tumblr is obviously looking to get in on the action by rolling out these autoplay ads.


Instagram Hopping On The Video Ads Bandwagon

With Tumblr and Snapchat starting to push out video ads on their platforms, it was only a matter of time (or in this instance, days) for Instagram to announce that it will start introducing video ads as well. Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic, and CW have officially become the first five companies to pioneer these 15-second autoplay ads. After six months of testing, Instagram began rolling out the ads yesterday. While each ad currently has to be reviewed by CEO Kevin Systrom, this is great first step for the future of video advertising on Instagram.


Thanks for keeping up with A Smorgasbord of Social Media! Check back each week for a fresh batch of updates. Feel free to leave a comment or tweet @Wpromote if you have any questions or comments about any of these updates!


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