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Happy Pi Day everybody! Hopefully, you have an awesome boss that will let you leave at 3:14 pm today! If you are leaving that early, you don’t have much time. So let’s get down to business!


The Launch Of Facebook Auto-Playing Video Ads

Everyone knew it was coming, but ‘when’ was the question. After the announcementfacebook-video-ads that Facebook would have videos automatically start playing, the idea of ads doing the same came right with it. Now, the inevitable has finally arrived: auto-playing ads. These ads will work just like normal videos: they will automatically start playing as you scroll over them, and if you tap them, the ads will expand and un-mute. Facebook has released this feature to a select group of advertisers and will be rolling out content in the coming weeks. Zuckerberg has teamed up with companies to help measure the creative quality of the videos and highlight performance indicators for advertisers like the watchability, meaningfulness, and emotional resonance. They plan to charge advertisers based on the Nielson Online Campaign Ratings (OCR). “Premium Video Ads” will give advertisers another tool in their shed to engage with users on Facebook. Facebook plans to slowly roll out this feature to allow for testing, but if all goes well we can expect to see a larger release in the coming weeks.


Facebook To Release New Pages Redesign

Last week Facebook announced that it would be updating the News Feed, but they aren’t going to stop there. This week Facebook announced the new streamlined look for Pages. The first noticeable change is the timeline – the right side of the timeline will be all updates while the left side will be information about your business. On the admin side of Pages, the user interface will have better access to tools and navigation buttons. There are also more features coming to the “Pages to Watch” section, to make it easier to watch what other Pages are doing on Facebook. The biggest complaint so far: where are the tabs? Tabs have been among the main tools for Pages throughout the years. In this new update there are no signs of tabs anywhere, which has already started to worry some people. According to the blog, Facebook has already begun rolling it out – so be on the lookout! 


Twitter Data Proves Itself Useful Once again

Twitter released compiled data of when users tweet certain words. This time, they looked for phrases like “feel happy,” “feel sad,” “hungover,” and “late to work.” The data is compiled by month and days of the week to give you an idea when these phrases are being used the most. Some are more predictable than others, the first being “late for work” was most common during summer weekdays. “Feeling sad” was the most used phrase in December when compared to other months, presumably from the gloomy weather. There are many factors that can impact Tweets. For example, the most common days users tweeted “feeling happy” were Tuesdays in December, which both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve fell on. The graphs Twitter released have all kinds of interesting data points to draw your own conclusions from.


Increase Retweets With Images

The data scientists at Twitter recently took a look at over 2 million Tweets to see what kind of posts get the most engagement. The team wanted to look at a range of different posts like photos, videos, hashtags, links and digits. Twitter looked into the engagement for one month’s worth of tweets and compared it to an average number of engagements per month. The Twitter team now feels confident enough to say that adding video, links, and photos all result in more retweets. The team also broke the results down by industry to show how different posts have different results from industry to industry. The results also concluded that adding hashtags or a number will also boost the number of retweets. Moving forward with this data, brand managers should optimize their tweets to correlate with the most effective methods, but don’t forget to keep it personable.


Viral Video of the Week – FIRST KISS

Content marketing at its best here ladies and gentlemen. Let’s just start with the numbers: uploaded March 10, 2014 and while I’m writing this, this video is about to tip over the 48 million views mark. Just reading the description got most people excited (We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…), which probably is why most people didn’t even catch the opening, “Wren Presents.” Wren is a clothing company, and those are actors wearing Wren’s clothes. Now, not to take away from the value of the video, because I’m sure all of these people were strangers, but as actors they may have already been in this position before. Still, most people don’t even know that they are being marketed to, which is what gives it the name content marketing. The most obvious: it’s not interrupting, it’s shareable and resonates emotionally.

FIRST KISS - viral video

I can’t thank you enough for reading the Smorgasbord of Social Media. Check back every Friday for a weekly round up of all things #social.



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