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Snapchat takes the physical pain and emotional distress out of snapping!

The social media powerhouse has released a series of new updates, and among these changes is the redefinition of a significant Snapchat feature. Users will no longer have to hold their finger on the screen to watch Snapchat stories. A Tap to View feature has been implemented to give your finger a break!

‘But that’s an unnecessary feature!’ scuffed the Social Media Specialist.

He or she must not have friends posting over 5 minute long snap stories. Heck, I didn’t know finger cramps were a real thing until I started Snapping…and re-watching my own story (Guilty).


But enough about the physical pain; the emotional distress alone that occurs as your finger slips as you’re 2 minutes into a 5 minute snap story is enough to ruin a great day or make a bad day even worse. ‘What do you mean I have to start from the beginning?!’


It’s not just a great day for those suffering from CSFC (Chronic Snapping Finger Cramps). Those who live with OCSSD (Obsessive Compulsive Snap Story Disorder) probably shouting, “Get those snap stories out of my notification center,” this one’s for you too! Too afraid to delete that friend from high school that thinks you’re closer than you are? Tap the story and let it play. Feel what it’s like to live in a world where your pending snaps section can be cleaned up without clicking through stories.


Marketers are slightly taken aback by the feature. The beauty of Snapchat was that the user was constantly engaged while on the platform. With Tap to View, that is no longer the case.

Additional updates include: customize your Snapchat ghost, add friends with a new ‘Add Nearby’ feature, and adding screenshotted snapcodes through the ‘Add Friends’ section.


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