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Hey everybody and welcome back to the second week of a Smorgasbord of Social Media. We’ll be doing a weekly roundup of the Social Media world so you can get all the updates in one place. There were some interesting updates this week, so let’s jump right into it.

Now It’s Even Harder To Reach Your Facebook Fans

Have you seen your brand page reach go down recently? A study shows that in the two first weeks of December organic reach was down 44%. This is most likely to be from the algorithm change to Facebook News Feed incorporated to “show the right content to the right people.” This study measured the organic reach of 21 different brand pages before the change and after it. The reach for larger pages was approximately 16%, now the reach is around 2.5%. Brands are seeing the effects when they try to post without any budget. If you don’t want to fork over the cash to make your post visible and try to get the best organic reach possible, stay true to your best practices, optimize posting times, and produce engaging content.

Possible Dislike Button

How many times have you seen yourself saying “I wish I could Dislike this post.” Well that might simple wish may be coming true soon. Well, actually no one really knows if they will incorporate it to the website, but now we have an idea of what that would look like. Facebook added this image of a dislike or thumbs down sticker to its sticker pack within the messenger app. This has been one of the essential features users begged and pleaded the developers to create, but has never come to light.

dislikefacebookbutton (1)

Twitter Vending Machine Dispensing Free Pandas

Vancouver mall goers were confused when they saw a vending machine with stuffed panda bears inside. Even more so, when they were told that all they had to do to get a panda bear was to tweet with the hashtag #HomeTweetHome. A Canadian communications company, Telus, sponsored the machine, which gave away about 3,000 bears, and is also giving $1 to the WWF Canada for every tweet posted with that hashtag. 

Viral Video Of the week: If you haven’t seen the #XMAS Jammies video from the Holderness Family, then you haven’t been on Internet recently. It was uploaded December 11th, and has almost 12 million views. Check out what’s got everybody wishing they had their XMAS Jammies!

That’s it for this week’s Smorgasbord, check back with us next Friday for more Social Media News & entertainment!



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