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Facebook Is Over The SnapChat Pursuit With The Release Of Instagram Direct.

Well who needs SnapChat anyway? Since the unsuccessful acquisition, Facebookintsagram recently added a new feature to the Instagram app platform – Instagram Direct. This feature will allow you to share pictures in a chat-based setting or share temporarily with friends or a single user. After today, SnapChat is probably wishing they had taken Facebook’s offer while they could. Facebook offered an estimated 3 billion for the small start-up.  Some say it wasn’t what the owners were looking for. I’m sure they weren’t looking forward to this either.


This Year On Twitter – Annual Report Released

Every year Twitter releases the highlights from the year. Some of the best include: 30 million new users, including two former presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, and a few future and current Hall of Famers, Joe Montana and Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately, the top tweets of 2013 came from tragic incidents like the death of Cory Monteith and Paul Walker. The top Twitter moments came from the swearing in of the Pope, which attracted 130,000 tweets per minute at its peak, and the Boston Marathon bombings, which had an estimated of 27 million tweets referenced. New features came out, a new business formed, and partnerships were created. Check out BrickHouse Security’s Infographic to learn more about interesting Twitter trends.


Tired Of The Look Of Facebook? Too Bad.

Facebook announced in March that it would be rolling out a new look of Facebook sometime this year. It recently announced that it has only been released to a tiny group of users and would not go much further than that for a while. Facebook is said to be testing the redesign and taking feedback from users. The new news feed is supposed to have three major components to its redesign: larger images, multiple feeds, and a look that is similar to the mobile Facebook app. So for those who want a new look to the platform will have to wait a little bit longer.


Auto-Playing Videos, Coming To Your News Feed, Very Soon.

Just a few days ago Facebook announced the rollout of auto playing video ads to itsfacebook-video-ads mobile platform. They have confirmed a “wider rollout of in-line videos on web” which will set the state for the flashy video ads and auto playing advertisements. Now the question is – will this effect Facebook’s bottom line? Will users engage with these auto-playing ads, or scroll right past them? Time will only tell.


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