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Howdy folks, happy October and welcome to another Smattering of SEO news! This week we have a couple of interesting tidbits, such as the possibility of a real-time Penguin algorithm right around the corner, along with things that will and won’t boost your rankings in Google! Check it all out below, and have a great week!

Google News

  • Mueller: Real-Time Penguin Algorithm Possibly Launching By Year’s End – In a recent Google Hangout with Google’s John Mueller, he said that while he’s not sure when the real-time update to the Penguin algorithm would launch, he believes it could be within the next few months, or before the end of the year. This doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen, mind you, as this is something they’ve been trying to do for a while now, but it’d be great to see it finally happen.
  • Mueller (Again): There’s No Ranking Advantage To External Linking – Some SEO folks have believed for a while that there might be a ranking advantage – however infinitesimally small – in linking from your site to other, relevant sites. It was believed that, if you linked to relevant sites, you were trying to show yourself as relevant and authoritative in your space. Well, John Mueller squashed those beliefs in a recent Google Hangout saying, “It is not something that we would say that there is any SEO advantage of linking to someone else’s site.”


  • Google Ads Ranking Advantage For Apps Using New App Indexing API – Recently at SMX East, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Mariya Moeva said that there would be an upcoming rankings boost for apps that used their new App Indexing API. Apparently the API will help Google figure out how useful the app is to users, and will use that information to likely help rank more useful apps higher in search results. Therefore, if you have an app, make sure you implement this API.
  • Illyes: We’re Experimenting With A Mobile Index – If you recall, last week I reported that Google’s Gary Illyes said via Twitter that Google only has a desktop index and no mobile index. Apparently, again over Twitter, he’s now said Google is “still experimenting” with a mobile index, so one might as of yet exist at some point in the future, maybe. As of right now, however, it’s still all desktop all the way.

Other News

  • Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Feels Installing Ad Blockers Is A “Mistake” –At the recent IAB MIXX conference, Yahoo’s Mayer chimed in on what’s been becoming a larger hot-button issues among Internet advertisers: ad blockers. “I personally think it’s a mistake to install ad blockers,” Mayer said, going on to say that she feels ad blockers result in users losing a “rich, full experience of the web.” She also wants to “keep monetization models vibrant,” as she puts it. Yahoo’s ads contribute to the mobile experience, she says, so it makes sense that she would dislike ad blockers. Whether Yahoo will actively do anything to dissuade their use is another story.



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