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Much like combat, much of SEO is “hurry up and wait,” and that’s true of the actual search engines as well. As we wait for algorithm updates to make our lives better or worse, we anticipate fun fluctuations ahead as another Panda update could be hitting us “fairly soon.” This and more in the news below.
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  • Google Panda Update Possibly Coming “Fairly Soon” – Around a month or so ago, Google’s Gary Illyes stated that he expected to see a Panda update in maybe 2-4 weeks. As of right now, that timeframe has passed, so Barry Schwartz asked John Mueller about it in a recent Hangout. Mueller said he expected the update “fairly soon” but gave no more details than that. With the holiday weekend behind us, hopefully this update will happen before too long.
  • Mueller: Google’s Crawl Size Limit Is 10MB Per Page – In a recent Google Hangout, John Mueller admitted that Google has a limit of around 10 megabytes per page in what it will crawl, so if you have pages that are larger than that, you should re-evaluate your entire website because that is just too big. I mean seriously, it’s too big regardless of the Google crawl limit.
  • When It Comes To HTTPS Links, 301 Redirects Are Fine – It’s a slow news week, so I had to dig a bit. That said, this is an interesting tidbit from Google’s Gary Illyes. Apparently, if you switched your URLs to HTTPS, and have proper redirects in place, you don’t need to worry about incoming links going to the HTTP version of your site if the redirects are working. According to Illyes, going through the effort of changing incoming links to HTTPS if you have redirects in place is so minimal, it’s not worth the time. Interesting to know.

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  • Google Says Not To Even ASK For Links – Apparently Google doesn’t want folks even asking for links these days. According to a new post on the Portuguese Webmaster Tools blog – spotted by notable SEO expert Aaron Wall – the post states, “do not buy, sell, exchange or ask for links.” It’s the “ask” that’s interesting here, as that’s a new piece of info as far as I know. In this respect, just saying “Hey, link to my site please,” could be seen as a violation of their guidelines. We’ll keep an eye on this to see if anything further develops.

Other News:

  • Consumer Watchdog Petitions FTC To Bring Right To Be Forgotten Laws To US – Consumer rights organization Consumer Watchdog has sent a petition to the FTC stating that,rtbf-right-forgotten since it’s working in Europe, it’s feasible that “Right to be Forgotten” laws like those in Europe could be brought to the US. They say this would go a long way toward showing Google is indeed serious about user privacy. Apparently there is indeed some interest among consumers to be able to be “forgotten” by search engines here in the States, so it’ll be interesting to see if this gains any traction.



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