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Hey folks, welcome to another smattering of SEO news, covering the last week’s most important SEO stories in bite-sized chunks that you can use to sound smart and important! The big stuff this week focused on Search Console. It’s moving, getting a revised Mobile Testing Tool, and more! Check it!

Google News

  • All Google Analytics Traffic Now Secure – Google recently announced that it would now be securing all traffic that comes to Analytics whether it’s HTTPS-enabled or not. Apparently Google notes this could cause some traffic anomalies since HTTPS-enabled pages load a smidge slower than HTTP pages, so their tracking might not have time to fire occasionally. This change takes place…now, really. It’s immediate, so…yay?
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai Predicts Google’s Future Lies In AI – Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, released his first ever letter to Google shareholders recently, in which he laid out how he sees the future of the company, and it’s basically summed up in two words: artificial intelligence. He basically sees machine learning and AI as integral parts of not only search, but our use of technology. It’ll be interesting to see if what he predicts comes to pass.


  • Google Served Over Four Million Manual Actions In 2015 – Google released some figures on their Webmaster Central Blog highlighting the work they’ve been doing fighting spam. Apparently, in 2015, there was a 180% jump in websites being hacked! Yikes! They also sent out over four million manual action messages and found a 33% increase in successful reconsideration requests. Wowie.


Google Search Console News

  • Google Moves Search Console To New URLs – While Google changed the name of Webmaster Tools to Search Console a while back, the URL basically still called it Webmaster Tools. Google is now finally migrating their tools to /search-console/, so the URL will better match the name of the tool suite. Hopefully, this won’t make it inaccessible, but I guess we’ll find out.
  • New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool Rolling Out – As part of its migration to a new URL, Search Console is also getting an updated mobile-friendly testing tool. It’s not available to everyone yet (as we’ve found out personally here in our offices). While it sports a new look, we’re not 100% if it has any new functionality as of yet, however.
  • Search Console AMP Updates Show Clearer Errors – John Mueller announced that the AMP error report in Search Console will soon have a clearer categorization of errors to help webmasters better solve their AMP-related problems. This is a good thing, as when I tried AMP the errors I got were quite confusing!


Other News

  • Twitter Recategorizes Own App To “News” In Apple App Store – This is less “news” and more “huh.” Twitter recently changed the category of its own free app in the Apple app store from “social media” to “news”, some speculate to rank more highly in the app store listings. Interestingly enough, this is how I use Twitter, mostly as a news feed for game developers. Therefore, the move makes sense to me, honestly, as between that and Feedly that’s how I get 95% of my news these days. Neither Apple nor Twitter have said publicly why the change occurred.



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