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Hello my friends, and welcome to another Smattering of SEO News! This week…well…we have two weeks worth of summaries for y’all, since I had some technical difficulties last week, but it’s all gooooooood stuff, so dive in and take a look! Enjoy!

Google News

  • Page Speed To Become Ranking Factor – It was confirmed recently via Google’s Gary Illyes that in the next mobile-friendly algorithm update, mobile page speed would become an algorithmic ranking factor. We don’t know when or how, but by telling us now, we can get our ducks in a row and get our sites not only mobile-friendly, but mobile-speedy as soon as possible.
  • Separate Mobile Index Still In The Works – Speaking of mobile stuff, Gary Illyes – yup, him again, he gets around! – says work is still progressing on a mobile-focused index. While Google is still working on it, and has been for around two years now, Illyes admits they’re not quite there yet. Illyes said that now mobile searches account for more than 50% of all searches, a mobile index makes sense.
  • Illyes: We’ll Almost Always Rewrite Title Tags – You know all that work you do crafting title tags for your pages? Well, according to Gary Illyes, Google will almost always rewrite it because, in his own words, they’ve “seen so many sites whose titles really suck.” He went on to say a lot of sites don’t even have title tags, or useless tags like “Top Page.” This is definitely true.
  • AdWords Has Some Straaaaange Searches – Not really news inasmuch as it is hilarity, Search Engine Land contributor Jacob Baadsgaard and his team dove into over 2,000 AdWords accounts to find, what they term, the oddest searches among them. The top of the list? “Whack your boss.” Not even kidding, it targets women looking to start their own business. Another one? “How do I remove the terrible smell from carpet that has been flooded using household ingredients,” which is sad and hilarious. It just gets a bit worse from there, so have at it, and enjoy.



  • Free Version Of Data Studio Released – Google has given us plebes access to a free version of their robust Data Studio 360 report curation product. The tool can pull data from a variety of sources such as Analytics, YouTube, and Google Sheets (among others), and make really pretty reports. The free version only allows the creation of five reports that can be shared with an unlimited amount of users, so go check it out. Then you can decide if you wanna shell out for the full Analytics 360 product suite, of which this is a part.
  • Recent Width Changes Might Be An Experiment – While many have been happy about Google making titles and meta descriptions visible with more characters, a few tidbits from Google tell us this might not be a permanent thing or even widespread thing. John Mueller said Google is always “experimenting” and that they try to match the length of what they’re displaying. This says, to me at least, that this could go away at any moment. C’est la Google.



  • 125 Million Documents AMPed, Apps, And Recipes Next – Recently Google announced that now over 125 million documents have been converted to AMP, and now Google is setting their sites on recipe pages as well. You’ll also see better AMP support coming to Android and iOS search apps as well. Yay!
  • Google Beta Testing Real-Time Indexing API – Also out of Google I/O, along with Property Sets and the like, comes word that Google is beta testing a real-time indexing API. This currently allows specific partners to submit their content to Google in real-time, which would then be available mere moments later in Google SERPs. Not much more is known about it right now, but hopefully we’ll learn more in the coming months.


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