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Hey folks, welcome to another week of SEO news! Talk about algorithms has finally slowed down, so we have other stuff to talk about, such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Yahoo kind of sort of falling apart. Check it out!

Google News

    • Google To Improve Structured Data Support Over The Course Of The Year – In a recent Google Hangout, Google’s John Mueller was asked about Google’s plans to work more with structured data. Mueller said as more sites use this data, and Google uses said data to understand sites and this content better, he sees Google relying on structured data more to help understand and discover stuff that can be used across their services. It sounds like structured data is about to get a lot more popular…
    • Google Begins To Send Confirmation Emails For Spam Reports – Google has apparently begun to send out confirmation emails to users who report spam to the search engine.


  • This is nice as before, users previously had no way to know whether their report was successfully received. There’s also some interesting language in the email. Google says, in investigating the report, they’ll go about “prioritizing by search result impact.” How do they define that, exactly? I’d LOVE to know, personally.
  • AMP Support Added To Google Analytics – Google has announced that Google Analytics now supports the upcoming Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard, which goes fully live soon. Google seems to be doing a major push on AMP, so it’ll be interesting to see not only how widely implemented it is, but what the SEO benefits will be. Stay tuned.
  • Amit Singhal – Head Of Google Search – Leaving After Fifteen Years – After many years at Google, Google Search chief Amit Singhal is leaving the company. The head of Google’s machine learning team, John Giannandrea, will be taking his place. Singhal has been a driving force in search for the company, overseeing things such as the Hummingbird update, and emphasizing the importance of mobile searching by doing all of his own searching on a mobile device for over a year. He’ll definitely be missed at the company and by us folks who monitor the industry.


Other News

  • Bing Moves To Continuous Development Cycle – Saying their previous development cycle method was hindering their innovation – their previous code deployments could take weeks – Bing has now moved onto a continuous development cycle. This could mean up to twenty pieces of new code each week for the search engine, which could lead to around 4,000 changes, again, on a weekly basis. It will be interesting to see how this new and mostly automated cycle of development and production will pay off.
  • Yahoo Q4 Revenue Down Fifteen Percent, Layoffs And Restructuring Assured – Yahoo recently announced that its year-over-year revenue was down fifteen percent. As a result of this and other problems at the company, Yahoo said it plans to cut its current workforce of around 10,400 employees to 9,000 by the end of next year, and will be closing a myriad of offices all over the world. Yahoo then plans to simplify its portfolio to make its offerings to customers more focused and streamlined, “doubling down on areas of strength,” CEO Marissa Mayer explained. We wish the best of luck to those affected by the coming layoffs.


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