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Hey folks, welcome to another Smattering! Kiiiind of a neat, interesting week so far. We have Google suing a search engine marketing firm while they themselves are found guilty of market share abuse in Russia, and heck, even more! Check it out!

Google News

  • Google Could Possibly, Maybe, Add Structured Data To Its Ranking Algorithm – Though Google has previously denied using structured markup and data in their ranking algorithms, they might be changing their tune. In a recent Google Hangout, Google’s John Mueller said that over time, he can see structured data as something that can go into rankings as well. He went on to say he could definitely seeing it being used if it was particularly relevant to the website and what its users are searching for. This is something we’ll definitely keep an eye on.robocalls
  • Google Plans To Sue Search Marketing Firm Over Robocalls – According to sources, Google is set to open a lawsuit against a search marketing firm called Local Lighthouse that has been posing as Google and sending harassing phone calls to local businesses demanding payment for their services. Apparently they’re not the only firm doing this, and Google is getting tired of it. If you get one of these, keep in mind that calls from Google will always be from a real person.
  • Russian Regulators Find Google Guilty Of Abusing Their Dominant Market Position – An antitrust probe in Russia has found Google guilty of abusing its dominant market position in, particularly, the Russian smartphone market. They found Google guilty of packing Google Android with a bevy of their own apps and then deterring users from using third-party apps somehow. We’ll have to see how Google responds to this, if at all.
  • Google And Twitter Reportedly Work On Their Own Content Delivery Network – Sources report that Google and Twitter are banding together to bring an “instant articles” solution to mobile devices, so users would get content instantly rather than having to wait a few horribly boring seconds. Thankfully, neither Google nor Twitter will host the actual content, instead relying on caching to more quickly present content to users. It’s not fully clear how this will work, but I look forward to seeing it in action.

Other News

  • wordpressBrute Force Attacks On WordPress Sites Are Increasing At An Alarming Rate – Not strictly an SEO story, but since so many of us use WordPress for our blogging solutions, I thought it’s worthy of note. According to Sucuri, brute force attacks – which attempt to crack a site’s admin password using scripts that hit the site with thousands of requests per minute – have gone up significantly just this year. While there were around five million attacks per day at the beginning of the year, as of the second week in September, it’s up to thirty-five million a day. A. DAY people. If you have a WordPress site, it behooves you to take advantage of the multiple security plugins available (I personally use WordFence and iThemes Security) to make your site more secure. At the very least you should add two-factor authentication. Good luck!


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