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Hello my friends, and welcome to another Smattering of SEO News! This week was kind of fascinating for a couple of reasons. First, Europe’s Right to be Forgotten law might become worldwide at some point, while Google lays down the law on repeated webmaster guideline offenses. All that and more in this week’s roundup of SEO news! Enjoy!

Google News

  • shutterstock_160362164-760x400Google Warns Against Repeat Webmaster Guideline Offenses – Google has posted a new blog post in which they discuss how they’re going to crack down on folks who repeat spammy offenses even after submitting a reconsideration request. Apparently a lot have folks have been repeating their naughty behavior even after their reconsideration request has been accepted! Well, Google says that if they detect folks repeating the same offenses, it will be much, much harder to earn reconsideration in the future. There’s an easy way to avoid this, my friends: Don’t do things that violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines. It’s just that simple, and it’s never worth it in the long run.
  • Right To Be Forgotten Might Go Worldwide After Google Loses Appeal In European Court – A French regulatory commission has rejected Google’s appeal to not apply the European Union’s “Right to be Forgotten” rules worldwide, meaning that if Google doesn’t comply with the ruling, they could face fines and further court action. While the commission still only intends requests to be inside of Europe, they want the results of the requests to be allowed worldwide. Google has been very wary to censor information, and would rather individual countries mandate how information is presented to their residents, so we can likely expect further court battles over this one.
  • Illyes: Google Only Has A Desktop Index – This is less “news” and more “Huh, that’s interesting.” A while back, Google’s Gary Illyes mentioned that they were working on a mobile site index, obviously specifically tailored for mobile-friendly websites. Apparently that’s either not happening at all now, or just not any time soon, as Mr. Illyes recently said on Twitter,  “we only have a ‘desktop index.’” One wonders what happened to the mobile-friendly index.


  • Study: YouTube Monetizes Views From Robots And Humans – According to a study by European researchers from a variety of firms such as NEC Labs Europe and IMDEA Networks Institute, YouTube still charges advertisers whether videos are viewed by humans or search engine spiders. Apparently, even though YouTube can identify 83 percent of the bots they were sent by researchers, they still charged advertising companies for them 91 percent of the time. That sounds a bit fraudulent to me. Google said they’d be contacting the researchers to discuss their findings.

Other Newsduck-duck-go-logo-full-1920-800x450

  • DuckDuckGo To Be Default Search Engine Of AdBlock Browser – I had no idea there was an AdBlock Browser coming out specifically for Android and iOS devices, but apparently it’s an actual thing. Now it’s been announced that privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo will be the default search engine for this new kid on the browser block. It makes perfect sense really. DuckDuckGo is also working with the Electronic Frontier Foundation on new “Do Not Track” standards for even further increased privacy. Will people take to all this? That remains to be seen, but I love that it’s happening at all.
  • Twitter Going HTTPS On New Links Starting October FirstTwitter is the latest large website to announce they’re making the move to go HTTPS. They claim that, for tracking purposes, you’ll only see “a 10% drop in traffic attribution from Twitter as a result of this security change.” Still, with more and more websites going HTTPS, it’s getting more and more difficult to gather data from these sources. Again, this is only on new links as of 10/1/15. Existing links won’t be affected, apparently.


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