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Hey kids, welcome to another week of SEO news! As we gear up for the upcoming mobile-friendly algo shift, we gain some more insight into some other algorithms we’re old friends with, Panda and Penguin. Seems to get them moving, they have to be jostled manually. All this and more below.

Google News:

  • Panda And Penguin Updates Are All Done Manually – In a recent Google Hangout, John Mueller stated that updates for both Penguin and Panda aren’t done regularly at all, and are actually pushed manually. Given that people have been waiting months for a refresh or update to these algorithms (so that their penalties might be removed after working to get back into Google’s good graces), I’m sure that some people properly cheesed. Hopefully Google is working to make updates to these important algorithms much more frequently.
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    Upcoming Mobile-Friendly Update To Only Affect Smartphones – In a response to a question via Twitter, the official Google Webmasters’ Twitter account stated that the upcoming mobile-friendly update (that we’ve been talking about for weeks now) is geared toward smartphones only, and tablets aren’t part of the update. Interestingly, Barry Schwartz – the author of the linked article – did a test to see if Google’s new “Mobile-friendly” label shows up on Tablets. To my surprise, the label only seems to show up on smartphones, which bolsters the news that the update is for smartphones only. One wonders why tablets are being left out, but smartphones are more prolific than tablets so it kind of makes sense. Kind of.

  • google-bolding-answers

    Google Bolding Answers In SERPs – It’s a minor but interesting thing: Google has taken to bolding the answers to questions posed in Search Engine Result’s Pages (SERPs). You know, when you look up something and get that answer box, now Google has begun bolding the answer in there, along with bolding the words used in the query as they’ve done for years now. It’s a little usability thing that makes scanning the SERPs a bit easier, and therefore it’s a great addition, I think.

  • Rumor: Google To Launch Home Service Provider Search Later This Year –According to reports on Buzzfeed and Tech meme, Google could be launching a new service later this year to connect home owners with those who provide home-focused services, such as plumbers, electricians, roofers and so on. This could directly bank on the data in Google Local, meaning local home-focused businesses really need to make sure their Google Local profiles are as up to date and as engaging as possible.

Other News:

  • Twitter Experimenting With Filtered Search Results – According to Marketing Land, Twitter is now experimenting with different filters for search results. These include search results by tweets, accounts or photos, searching tweets from everyone or people you know, from all around the world, or more locally. This would be a serious boon toward making Twitter much more usable and therefore valuable for both users and marketers.



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