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As Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm launch approaches later this month, Google is preparing both marketers and consumers for what’s to come. Mobile-friendly alerts and speed warnings are just the start. With Google revealing it has a method of putting customer expectations front and center, it seems the mobile-friendly algorithm is just a part of a grander plan. Fascinating stuff, check it out:

Google News:

  • Customers Come First In Google’s Upcoming Mobile-Friendly Algorithm – For years, Google has strived to have webmasters focus on users first and search engines second. Google now seems to be adopting that motto themselves, if this upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm is any proof. Google has started adapting to a pyramid model used by other corporations like Ritz-Carlton, which puts consumer expectations at the base of the pyramid, requests in the middle, and delights at the top. Google now sees striving for mobile-friendliness as part of a larger plan to delight consumers, eventually turning them into Google brand ambassadors. Having a fast, mobile-friendly site that delights customers is part of that plan, and it truly sounds outright fascinating.


  • Google Says Recent Fluctuations Are Part Of Normal Algorithm Updates – Webmasters have been all aflutter about many recent SERP updates late last month, and Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz finally asked Google’s John Mueller about it in a recent Google Hangout. Mueller said that after looking into the changes – “because people have been writing about it” – they are normal fluctuations that always happen as they update their algorithms. Shame, it’s more fun for something to be wrong or for there to be an actual update, but we’ll have to sit and wait a bit longer for that kind of excitement.

Other News:

  • Baidu Benefits From Google’s Blockage In Mainland China – While Google is still the dominant search engine worldwide, due to its being blocked in mainland China, the Chinese engine Baidu is reaping the rewards, aka traffic. From 2013 to this year, Baidu’s global market share has increased from 6.4 to 8.8 percent due to that blockage, which is no small feat. Analysts also predict that Baidu’s search spend for 2015 will be upwards of $14.90 billion, which will make up about 33% of the global spend on search. That’s double its overall growth over the past year or so. It’ll be fascinating to see how Baidu further grows due to Google’s continued block.


  • Microsoft And Yahoo Extend Deadline To Renegotiate Search Relationship – Back in 2010, Microsoft and Yahoo formed a search partnership which was to last ten years, with the option to renegotiate the deal after five years. Well, that five years is here, and while the original renegotiation was to be signed off within 30 days, the two parties have extended the deadline another 30 days. Since Yahoo’s current CEO, Marissa Mayer, has been…let’s say, less than happy about the partnership since coming on board as CEO, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 30 days. Stay tuned!
  • Twitter Releases Tool To Help Media Publishers And Businesses Curate Best Tweets – Let’s face it, Twitter is a bit of a mess when it comes to following specific topics. Sure, you have hashtags and searches, but those are hardly optimal solutions as they don’t really allow users or brands to control how the information in those tweets is presented. Twitter apparently realized this, and has released a tool simply called Curator. With this, you can now curate a series of tweets based on specific parameters you choose, such as tweets with a specific hashtag from users who only have 1,000 or more followers, for example. This will allow a lot more focus when it comes to sharing relevant and popular tweets on a given topic, and it sounds like a fantastic idea.



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