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Hey folks, welcome to another Smattering of SEO news! Last week, Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm, or “Mobilegeddon” as it’s being called, began to roll out. How effective has it been? Read on my friend.
Google News

  • mobilegeddon-smartphone-brokenOne Week On, Mobilegeddon Doesn’t Seem To Have Fully Taken Hold – When Google first announced their mobile-friendly algorithm, they said that the rollout would take maybe a week to a week and a half. Well, it looks like the latter portion of that prediction is more accurate, as many webmasters aren’t reporting significant jumps in web traffic one way or the other. This could mean a lot of things, really, such as those sites not seeing much of a change aren’t as mobile-friendly as they’d like to believe, or the update is slower in taking hold than initially planned. We’ll be keeping a sharp eye on this, don’t you worry.
  • Searchmetrics Details Top Winners And Losers Of Mobile-Friendly Algorithm (So Far) – Searchmetrics has released their own study of the top winners and losers of Mobilegeddon so far in terms of search visibility, and the results are a bit surprising! Reddit.com is down 27%, NBCSports.com is down 28%, and YoungMoney.com is down 76%. Apparently all of these losing sites had a lack of mobile-friendly pages in common (they all failed at Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool). Winners included BandCamp.com (up 13%), Imgur.com (up 32%), TVTropes.org (up 420%), and ForeignAffairs.com (up 771%), all of which passed Google’s tool. You can read more of the winners and losers on Searchmetrics’ blog.


Other News

  • twitter-googleTwitter Turns Firehose On Google In May – Twitter announced that it plans to roll out its firehose – the term for its API covering public tweets – to Google in May. This will give Google access to all of Twitter’s public tweets and allow Google searchers to find tweets in their search results. It’s been years since Google users had access to the firehose, so this is definitely a benefit to users.
  • ComScore: Mobile-Only Internet Users Surpassed PC-Only Users For First Time – Data firm comScore is reporting that, for the first time ever, mobile-only Internet users surpassed PC-only users back in March. Mobile usage actually dropped from the month before, from 11.8% in February to 11.3% in March. PC-only users had a larger drop though, from 12.1% in February to 10.6% in March, putting them below mobile-only users basically due to attrition. This is likely one of many reasons why Google is so focused on mobile as of late.
  • Facebook Small Business Pages Increase To 40 Million – In less than a year, Facebook has seen 10 million small business pages created, bringing the number up to 40 million from 30 million last June. To support all these new pages, Facebook will be hosting a series of “Boost Your Business” events later this year across the country, including in Boston, San Diego, and Minneapolis. Small business page owners also now have access to a direct chat with Facebook support folks. Maybe this means Facebook will start to make pages more visible again? One can only hope!



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