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Hey folks, welcome to this week’s Smattering! This week it’s all about Google, especially Google’s Gary Illyes, who had a lot to say at SMX recently on a wide variety of nifty topics. Check it all out below, and thanks for reading!

Google News

  • Google Rolls Out Aggressive Algorithm Changes Targeting Hacked Spam Sites – Google recently released a blog post in which they describe an aggressive update to their algorithm that would target hacked websites. According to the post, this update should remove sites that have been hacked – which is becoming a larger and larger problem – from search results entirely, and apparently affect around 5% of overall queries. This is nothing but a good thing all around, I think.
  • Being Outranked By Scraper Sites Is Your Problem, According To Google – Evidence has recently surfaced showing how sites that scrape content could indeed outrank the sites they scraped the content from. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes addressed the issue at SMX saying that if you are experiencing this, the problem is actually your website, rather than the scraper. Unfortunately, he gave no further details. One wonders how website owners and webmasters are supposed to fix said issues if they don’t know what they are. Hopefully more will be revealed about this in the future.Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.25.21 PM
  • Illyes: Building A Website On Public Data Isn’t A Good Idea – At SMX, Google’s Gary Illyes apparently said that building a website based on public data with the hopes of getting a lot of traffic isn’t a good idea. He said Google already uses public data for much of its search engine results data, and these are shown as either “Knowledge Cards” or “Featured Snippets.” The snippets have very low click-through rates, while the cards have no click-through rates at all. Illyes says if you want to build a site or business around public data, you’ll need to give them more than what they already have to be successful.
  • Panda 4.2 Still Rolling Out – According, again, to Google’s Gary Illyes – guy gets around doesn’t he? – the recent Panda update that beganrolling out in mid-July is still rolling out. When it was initially rolled out, we were told the roll-out would occur over several months, and that does indeed seem to be the case. There are likely a lot of folks still hoping that their site recovered from any previous penalties as a result of this roll-out, and sadly, those folks will have to keep on waiting. We’ll bring you more on this as we have it.google-panda-hurt-confused3-ss-1920-800x450
  • Keep Your Authorship Markup Live, Says Google – Once again, from Gary Illyes, comes word that Google might want to use your live authorship markup code in the future, even though they discontinued support for it last year. Why would they want to use discontinued language? Who knows, but until they say otherwise, keep it live people.


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