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Hey folks, welcome to another week of SEO news! Since some kind of thing with superb owls happened this past week, news is a little on the light side, but there’s still some good readin’ to be found, so check it out!

Google News

    • Google Letting Knowledge Graph Representatives Make Changes – Google recently added the ability to make edits to the knowledge graph for a property that’s associated with your Gmail account. These aren’t direct edits, rather you’re requesting that changes be made and then verified and approved by the folks at Google. Giving users more control over their properties is pretty great.


    • Google Asking Users If Featured Snippets Are Helpful – In another interesting move, Google is asking users of their search engine whether they find featured information snippets helpful. A user can select either yes or no and also get more information about their selected topic in case their result wasn’t very helpful. It’ll be interesting if Google seeks further user input on its features in the future.
    • Searchmetrics: Fascinating Winners And Losers Within Google In 2015 – Searchmetrics has posted a lengthy and fascinating blog post about the biggest winners and losers of 2015 in the eyes of Google. The biggest winners included theatlantic.com and instagram.com, while the losers include, shockingly, twitter.com and tumblr.com. They found that many of the changes in the SERPs were related to content, and also the quality of content. Their takeaways for 2016 include focusing on mobile, match user intent to content, and use a logical site structure.
    • Mobile Searching During Super Bowl Up 82% From 70% Last Year – Google reported a massive spike in mobile searches over last year’s Super Bowl, jumping up twelve points to 82% of ad-driven searches during the game. Apparently the ads drove more than 7.5 million searches during the game, which is also 40% higher than the year before. Time to focus even harder on mobile, people.


  • AMP To Support Paywalled And Subscription-Based Pages – In an interesting move, Google’s upcoming Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program will support pages that not only require a subscription, those pages behind a paywall as well. It’s an unusual shift given how content-focused Google seems to be, but it does give publishers more flexibility in using this new platform. Hopefully it won’t be overused, but we’ll have to see how this new format is used in the long run.

Other News

    • Yahoo To Close BOSS At The End Of March – Since 2008, Yahoo’s Build Your Own Search Service (or BOSS…not BYOSS? Weird…) has allowed users to create simple search services through a fairly easy-to-use toolset. Unfortunately, if you’ve come to rely on this technology, you’ll be sad to hear that Yahoo is shutting down the service on March 31st of this year. Yahoo suggests users migrate to the APIs found in Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA).



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