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Algorithms, algorithms, ALGORITHMS. These days there is so much chatter about algorithms! More like algo-away-rithms amirite or amirite? In all seriousness, news has been dominated recently by algo talk, which is fair with all that’s happened just in the recent past, and this week is no different. Check out the news below!

Google Algorithm News

  • What Does It Mean To Be Part Of The “Core” Algorithm? – With all of the brouhaha over Panda being merged into Google’s core algorithm, a bunch of people have been asking…what exactly does that mean? Well, Google’s Andrew Lipattsev answered this in a recent Q&A. Using a car analogy, he explained that once cars needed tools to turn a crank in order to start, but now they have efficient starters that have been designed and tested thoroughly for this very specific task. Now that Panda has been thoroughly vetted, they don’t need to worry about it so much, basically because it’s more convenientfor them tointegrate, but other than that little has changed. Nifty.


Matt Cutts Blames Drastic GoogleUpdates On “Code Freeze” – Matt Cutts was recently on This Week in Google, and at one point he brought up the recent algorithmic changes and why he thought they were so drastic. He basically said that around the holidays, Google puts a code freeze in place so programmers and webmasters aren’t stressed out around the already-stressful holiday season. Then, come early January, the folks at Google basically say, “Okay, launch, launch them all.” This could definitely explain why these changes seem so drastic.

Google General News

  • Google Lost Search Share In 2015 Despite Uptick In Mobile Searches – According to comScore’s recent data, Google lost some of its search market share from 2014 to 2015, dropping from 65.4% down to 63.8% in December. What’s interesting is that while desktop searches are down over a billion year over a year – yup, that’s right, billion with a “b” – those searches were likely made up by a massive upsurge in mobile searches. We’ll see if this trend continues in 2016.


  • Googlers Feel A “Tremendous Responsibility” In Regards To The Search Results They Serve – In a recent Q&A – I think the same one referenced above – Google’s Andrew Lipattsev spoke of the “tremendous responsibility” they feel in terms of providing people with information they can rely upon. While he went on to say that businesses shouldn’t rely on one point of entry for a majority of their traffic, he did say, “people live in an ecosystem, people have a business to run, and services to offer and employees to feed and so on. There is a tremendous sense of responsibility there for us…”. It’s kind of nice hearing that from someone inside the machine over there.
  • Google Patents Social Link Sharing Method – Google appears to have patented a method by which they will display a pop-up when a link is clicked in an email, giving the user sharing options and suggesting those options based on (apparently) what the link contains. It looks pretty fascinating, so I personally can’t wait to test it.

General Newsbing-word


  • Bing Deploys Multiple Daily Updates To Their Search Engine – According to a recent post from Chief Scientist at Bing and Information Platform R&D Dr. Jan Pedersen, the folks at Bing are updating their search engine multiple times per day. This is up from, say, once a month, which they apparently employed many years ago, thanks to their now-600 engineers, a massive jump from their numbers four years ago. This might help explain their slight market share rise over the last year.


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