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In an almost passing comment during their financial results call this past week — at least how that’s how I interpreted it, like it’s NBD — Yahoo casually mentioned that they entered into an agreement with GOOGLE of all companies for use of their search engine results. Like, wow. Check it out.

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  • Google To Supply Yahoo With Search Results Until 2018 – In a shocking announcement today, Yahoo announced that it had entered into an agreement with Google in which Google will supply Yahoo with their search results until 2018. This includes organic and algorithmic search, along with paid advertising, and covers both desktop and mobile results. “Wait, Brian, what about Yahoo’s relationship with Microsoft?” I hear you asking. Apparently, according to Marketing Land, the Google deal will be “supplementary” to their existing deal with Microsoft. Apparently Yahoo retains total control over which service they use to show which results, so it will be absolutely fascinating to see how this pays out for Yahoo’s search results pages going forward.
  • Google Possibly Penalizes Black Hat Link Network – According to a lot of black hat webmasters, their rankings have been seriously dropping of late, specifically from websites using a link network called SAPE. Apparently this isn’t the first time that the SAPE network has received a penalty, as they received one back in 2013. While Google hasn’t confirmed this, of course, but we’ll keep an eye on it just the same.
  • You Can Receive Penalties Both Manually And Algorithmically – According to a Tweet from Google’s Gary Illyes, he admitted that a website can be affected by both the Penguin algorithm, for example, as well as manual actions as the same time. Just one more reason to acquire links the old fashioned way (i.e. earning them). 😉

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  • Yahoo Earnings Up Seven Percent Year-Over-Year – Yahoo released its earning report for the last quarter, and said that their revenue was at $1.22 billion, up seven percent from the previous year. Yahoo noted some of the reasons for this increase were interest in the improved Yahoo Mail service, their new Gemini service, as well as acquisition of Polyvore as highlights. This was the same earnings call that dropped the Google bombshell noted earlier, so lots of great news for Yahoo recently.
  • Yahoo Has Their Own Mobile Search Algorithm – Even though Google can now power Yahoo’s mobile search results, as part of their earnings call, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer said that Yahoo has their own algorithm for mobile results as well. Their algorithm is primarily geared toward “rich card experiences” on mobile, as well as better showing of ads. It’s going to be amazing to see how all this stuff works together.


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