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Hey folks, welcome to another round of SEO weekly news! This week, we finally see Page Rank go away, we learn we shouldn’t jump on the AMP bandwagon TOO quickly, and much more. Check it out!

Google News

  • Google Likely To Announce Launch Of Real-Time Penguin – Google has been kinda sort of teasing the release of a real-time Penguin algorithm for some time, but everyone’s been asking the same question, “When!?” While we don’t have an answer yet, Google’s John Mueller recently said that once it is launched, “…we’ll have a message to kind of post, but at the moment I don’t have anything specific kind of thing to announce.” So at least we’ll know when the rollercoaster will start to move. 😉
  • Google Targets Clickjackers With Automated And Manual Actions – In something of a similar action, Google has taken steps against folks using false download buttons. Google is now taking both automated and manual actions against websites that “clickjack” a user by taking them to a place they never intended to go via an ad click, which could be hidden in an image or text. No word on how many sites are affected by this.


  • Don’t Replace Mobile Or Responsive Sites With AMP Just Yet, According To Google – At a recent SEJ Summit, Google’s Maile Ohye spoke about AMP. Specifically, she said that while webmasters should be cognizant of how it will be used in the future, as of right now it’s not a replacement for mobile-friendly or responsively-designed sites. Making sites AMP-friendly is futureproofing in a way, but it doesn’t replace tried-and-true methods, apparently.
  • Visible Google Toolbar Page Rank Finally Goes Bye-Bye – After telling us that they were phasing out Page Rank for ages now, Google seems to have finally shut down visible Page Rank in the Google Toolbar. It’s kind of weird, like the end of an era, you know? For so long, so much of SEO was focused on those numbers, and now they’re only a memory. So long Page Rank, you won’t be missed. At. All.
  • Big Ad Changes Happening For Google Local Search – As more and more businesses use Google Local to help promote their businesses, Google has made quite a few changes on how local ads work on Maps and in the traditional SERPs. Google has recently made even more changes that affect how local search marketing might work. For example, it’s now adding actual ads in the local finder results, meaning local businesses with organic results are likely to be bumped out. Google will also now only show ads that include Maps extensions in Maps, rather than text ads. This coupled with the news that Google Maps is no longer a Google Search Partner really makes one scratch their head in a bit of confusion, to be honest.

Other News

  • Report: SEO Spending To Reach $80 Billion By 2020 – In a report by Borrell Associates, they predict that over the next four years, the amount of money spent on SEO will increase by nearly $40 billion over what was reportedly spent in 2015. They’re forecasting a $3-5 billion increase in SEO spending each year over the next four years, which is what was in line with reported spending from 2014 to 2015. It’ll be fascinating to see how these numbers grow.




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