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Hey folks, welcome to another week of SEO news! This week was dang slow in terms of actual news, so I had to stretch a bit to find some interesting tidbits that could be kinda qualified as “news” (with big air quotes there). Enjoy!

Google News

  • Machine Learning May Expand At Google – In a recent Google Hangout, Google’s Andrey Lipattsev was asked whether Google’s machine learning apparatus could be expanded to cover web spam. Lipattsev said that not only have they been looking into incorporating machine learning into web spam, but other areas of Google as well. Without going into details or the wheres and hows, he said, “I am quite confident that the effects of trying to apply it has been very beneficial.”
  • Even Though Their Spam Algorithm Is Global, Some Regions Are More Problematic Than Others – Whew, that’s a heckuva title, huh? Couldn’t think of a better way to write it, really. BASICALLY, at the same Hangout mentioned above with Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, he was asked about Panda in English and in other languages. Lipattsev said that while Panda – and their web-spam algorithm in general – is a global algorithm, some areas are tougher with spam than others. This is basically due to a low amount of language-native content to help them fight against spam. Something to keep in mind if you have sites/clients in other non-English speaking regions.
  • Don’t Worry Much About On-Site Duplicate Content – This is less news and more a confirmation of something we’ve known for a while. When asked whether their site would get flagged if a PDF and a web page had the exact same content, Google’s Gary Illyes replied, “you need not worry much about on-site duplication.” We’ve known for a while that duplication within a site isn’t anywhere near as big a problem – if it’s a problem at all – compared to duplicate content across multiple domains, so it’s nice to get confirmation.


  • AdWords Undergoing Complete Redesign – Ahhh, remember 2008? The big presidential election, the writer’s strike in Hollywood, Fidel Castro stepped down as president of Cuba, AdWords had a redesign. Wait, what? Yes, my friends, it’s been eight years since AdWords had any kind of redesign, but now Google is telling us it’s getting one. This is not only to keep up with the changing face of advertising and where ads are shown, but to be easier to use as well. Apparently the full rollout of the redesign won’t happen until next year, and will be selectively rolled out to advertisers large and small.


  • Google Building iOS Keyboard With Built-In Search Functionality – It’s a slow news week, sue me. Google, apparently, is working on a keyboard for iOS – I didn’t know iOS devices could use third-party keyboards – that will not only include built-in search functionality, but also the ability to send pictures and animated GIFs, as well as gesture-based topic functionality! Sounds pretty nifty if it’s true.



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