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Hello folks, and welcome to September! Can you believe we’re approaching the final quarter of 2014?! Where did it go? All I know is that it’s been a darned interesting year for SEO happenings, and this past week is no exception. Take a look!



Google News:

  • Google Purposefully Showing Older Version Of Search Engine On Older Browsers – Recently, people using older browsers have noticed that they’re seeing an older version of Google.com. These users left hundreds of comments in Google’s Search Help forum reporting the occurrences as glitches. According to a Google employee, however, the issue isn’t a glitch at all, but rather that the company could provide only limited support for older browsers. The main message here is for users to visit WhatBrowser.org and get the most recent version of their browser.


  • Theory: Google Only Crawls Final Rendered Version Of A Page – According to a story on Search Engine Roundtable, an experienced and tech savvy webmaster noticed that many of his images had recently begun to disappear from Google Image Search, and did some diagnoses to figure out why. He noted that he had been using JavaScript to embed resized images, and the code only rendered the full images once the full DOM (Document Object Model) was ready. He then found that by replacing those JavaScript codes with codes that rendered the full image right off the bat, he could get his images to return to Google Image Search. Google’s Pierre Far responded to the theory by claiming this is what they discussed a few months ago in regards to not blocking CSS or JavaScript. This is one more strike against employing JavaScript in website creation, that’s for sure.
  • Google Drops Authorship From Search Results – For a long time, SEOs such asgoogle-authorship us touted the benefits of authorship as a way to get better results in Google by having content come from more trusted sources. Sadly, Google announced that authorship is being removed from the search engine results, as they noted it did little to “reduce site traffic or generate ad clicks.” However, in a separate article, the idea of author trust, or Author Rank as it’s called, lives on despite the death of authorship. Author Rank still relies on the general trustworthiness and quality of the author in question, and the death of authorship shouldn’t have any impact on their efforts to explore and utilize author trust. Therefore, the focus on high quality and trusted content continues unabated.
  • Google Rolls Blog Search Into Google News – Google has disabled its former Blog Search homepage, and now incorporates blog search results directly into Google News. Now in Google News, you can select “All News” and “Blogs” from a drop-down menu. It’ll be interesting to see if this results in any traffic boosts or other benefits as a result of any possibly increased exposure.
  • YouTube Begins Fan Funding Beta For Select Users – There are more and more solutions to funding the project of your dreams, be it Flattr or Patreon, but this method is coming directly from Google itself. Once you’re in YouTube’s new beta program, you set up a proper Google Wallet account, then select which videos will include the Fan Funding banner. This is a great way to gain further support for your projects, be they product reviews or a web series. I recently got into the beta myself, and can’t wait to see how it performs.


Other News:

  • Bing Goes Into Detail On How It Fights Web Spam – There’s a detailed post over on the Bing Blog about how they go about fighting spam, and it’s a pretty interesting read. The post goes into great detail as to how they determine a spammer’s motivation, and how they fight those motivations with their own dedication to high quality search results. It’s definitely worth a read, regardless of your level of technical or SEO knowhow.



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